Thursday, December 25, 2008

What is your Return Policy?

Is it possible to return the flu? Sure, I know I can re-gift it (I passed it on to the Husband), but I didn't want it, and I want to return it.

It started about 2am on Christmas Eve. On top of feeling like I'd been run over by a jolly elf's sleigh, I was also worried about all of the things that still needed to be done. I was literally sick and worried, and let's throw in tired for good measure. It managed to get done, but now I have the Herculean task of tidying up. You have no idea how much 4 kidlets without parental supervision (well, a parent that gives a jingle bell about how the house looks) can trash a house in 24 short hours. In the Husband's defense, he did manage to feed the kidlets. Meanwhile, making me more nauseous with the smell of cooking chili.

But I think the best gift I've received is this one: the Gaggs (my mother in law) picked up the kidlets about an hour ago to take them to PD's (the sister in law) house so they can celebrate Christmas with their cousins. I can spend the rest of the afternoon in my p.j.s, with the remote (something I never get, ever), and my knitting, recovering. The house can wait til tomorrow.

Happy Christmakwanzaakuh (or whatever you celebrate), and may you find peace and joy in the small things.

Monday, December 22, 2008

It's begining to look a lot like...bleah

The annual holiday hurl is upon us. I awoke last night to sound of one of the kidlets yaking. It was the Girl. I gave her my sympathy and sent her back to bed. Periodically, I'd hear her bowing to the porcelain, send her my telepathic sympathy, and go back to sleep. I know, I'm a rotten mom. But, honestly, the Girl is the precision puker in the family. I knew that there would be no mess to clean up.

This morning when I came down the stairs to the family room, all four kidlets looked like death. They had all been up during the night! I had a few spots to scrub on the carpet. My children really are considerate. They didn't want to wake me to let me know that I might want to clean the carpet before it soaked in. The little red buckets have been handed out for the times they can't make it to the vomitorium, and the rule is that the bucket must be with you at all times.

Every year (with the exception of two), the kidlets have had the flu at Christmastime. This is another reason Christmas makes me cranky.
Lost in Translation

Monday, December 15, 2008


Scene: the living room

Characters: the Husband
Big Steve (former hippie)

the Husband: Hey, do you have a GPS yet?

Big Steve: Nah.

the Husband: You really ought to get one.

Big Steve: Nah, man. I don't care where I'm at.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

I Can Hear My Mother Now

"If (insert friend's name here) were jumping off a bridge..." Now, in my defense, I had every intention of starting the scarf long before she made a few. She just got to it first.

Yep, that's the Noro striped scarf that all of the cool kids are making. I think I did o.k. picking out the colors online when all I had to judge the colors by was a wee little picture. So far the striping is pretty awesome. The greens, browns, and blacks from the two different skeins seem to be coming up at the same time giving a rather muted striping effect. Those two skeins are colors 221 and 245. We'll see what happens when I start using color 279.

I could see making multiples of this scarf, because it's fun and good watchin' t.v. knittin'.

I've also decided that I don't have enough wool sweaters. It's shameful really. I'm a knitter fer cryin' out loud. I really only have two wool sweaters that are good for indoors. One is a Goodwill buy. It's a Woolrich sweater. It's a henley tunic length made out of a sport weight heathered blue wool. It's nice and warm, but not too heavy. The other is my 'go to' sweater.

My other wool sweaters are those really heavy thick cabled aran type sweaters that are perfect for wearing outside when you don't want to wear a coat. I like pretending I'm in an LLBean catalogue! You know the one I'm talking about. It's the photo of the healthy looking model outside in the snow draging a Christmas tree along behind her wearing the rubber snow boots that they are known for with her flannel lined jeans, earwarmers, mittens, and cabled sweater.

So to remedy my problem of not having enough warm wooly 'inside' sweaters, I'm knitting furiously on the Malabrigo cardigan I started in September. I'm doing a modified drop shoulder, and I'm almost done with the back. My goal is to have 7 indoor wool sweaters. One for each day of the week. Maybe I'll reach my goal in a couple of years!

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Christmas Makes Me Cranky

Are you one of those people that really don't like Christmas, but you keep your mouth shut so as not to ruin the fun of those magnificently silly people that are covered in colored sugar like a cookie and wear blinking Christmas themed pins/necklaces/ties? I'll come out of the closet and admit it. Christmas is not my favorite holiday.

Maybe it's because I feel the need to please those that 'get the Christmas spirit'. Yeah, the kidlets want the house decorated and pretty for Christmas, but who does all the work? Mom. Would it kill them to put the empty boxes away once they have decorated the house?

And don't get me started on the presents and the subterfuge that is involved with kidlets that still believe in Santa! Oi, vey.

I'm a home body. I love nothing more that to be at home on a cold winter's evening watching t.v. (even if it is Spongebob, because I never get control of the remote, ever) in my jammies. But, yet, there is another party we have to go to. Bah humbug.div>

I just get done making a lavish meal - all from scratch - for Thanksgiving (my favorite holiday, because it's just about the food and being with family and friends without the added bonus of gift buying/wrapping and decorating), when I have to do it again for Christmas! I just got the kitchen cleaned up, now I have to dirty it again? By cooking? Can't we just order a pizza?

The part I do like about Christmas is the week between Christmas and New Years. All of the hoopla is over, and the kidlets and I declare it jammie week. That's right, a week of jammies with nothing to do but eat leftovers and cookies, play games and take many naps. O.k., that last part is mostly me.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Sometimes, they know just what to do

Having finished the Palindrome Scarf and a pair of mittens that I had to have right now, I cast on yesterday for a hat for either Thing 1 or Thing 2. I was just making it up as I went along. I grabbed some left over Sol from the Husband's aran (every thing is assembled, just working on the neck), and some leftover Plymouth Dreambaby DK from the Spongebob sweater.

I made some 2" ribbing, did a turning row, knit some stocking stitch (all in the Sol), then switched to the red Dreambaby for the remainder, and, Bob's your uncle, Thing 1 (or 2) has a watch cap in grey and red. Incidentally, those are my high school colors. Please try to contain your enthusiasm. Your elation is most undignified.

This morning, while yelling at the kidlets to get ready for school (and hurting my back, again, I'll never learn), I wove in the ends on the hat. A fight then ensued between Thing 1 and 2 as to who got to wear the hat to school.

Now, most rational (and for 'rational' I mean 'good') mothers would have broken up the fight. I, instead, sat there enjoying the calm glow of the knitting goddess that I felt was pouring down on me from above listening to the heavenly choir in my head as Thing 1 and Thing 2 shoved and snatched the hat from each other. I had created something worth fighting over!

The one that triumphed quickly requested that I add his initial to the hat. Cheeky bugger.

Friday, November 07, 2008

I Can't Have Nuthin'

Sure, he looks all cute and innocent like. Don't let those puppy dog eyes fool you. He's a killer, vicious, I tell ya. Here's the proof.
You should have seen them before I bent them back to their original shape.

Monday, October 27, 2008

A Life Lesson

So, while I'm screaming at the kidlets that they were going to miss their bus to school (they did), and that I was not going to drive them to school (I did), I threw out my back. Only I could hurt my back while yelling at the kidlets - there was finger pointing and wagging going on also. Maybe that's what did it.

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Have you ever woken up at 6:00 am on a Sunday, and no matter how hard you try, for the love of Pete (Pete is very well loved, bless him), can not go back to sleep because you can not get the burning notion out of your brain that you must have a new scarf and you must cast on for it right the frak now? No? Alrighty then, it must just be me.

Not only are you driven by a burning passion to have one new scarf, but you must have many new scarves. So much so, that you later in the week purchase yarn for a scarf even though you have perfectly good yarn in the stash to make many, many scarves/smallish wraps.

Does anyone else hear that she-devil knitting goddess cackling? No? Alrighty then, it must just be me.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Manly, yes, but I...oh, never mind

Scene: my house, Sunday afternoon

Wife: I'm running to the grocery store, I'll be back in a minute.

the Husband: What are you getting?

Wife: Some stuff we need for beans, rolls, drinks for the kidlets, and something desserty in case your sister doesn't show up.

the Husband: Hey! You know what I'd like?

Wife: (quizzical look on her face)

the Husband: Some bubble bath! I want to take a bubble bath.

Wife: We have bubble bath. It's that fancy stuff you bought for me.

the Husband: Yeah, I know. But that's too girly. I want something manly.

Wife: Manly? Manly bubble bath? What is manly bubble bath?

the Husband: Mr. Bubble. (pause) This is going to be on the blog, isn't it?

Wife: Oh, yeah.

I Can't Help It

I'm going to get all political on y'all. I have become increasing concerned with the process of democracy in this country, most especially in my own state. My biggest wish this election year would be that we, the people, would take this election, or any election for that matter, seriously enough to follow the rules (laws) pertaining to our right to vote.

Here in my state of Ohio, which is always a highly contested state during presidential elections, I am very concerned with the actions of ACORN. There is an investigation into whether ACORN bribed one person to register to vote 73 times! There was also a one week period here that allowed people to register and vote at the same time! So there was no stopping someone that was so inclined to register/vote in one county, drive to another county and do it again and again and again, thus devaluing my one vote! Ohio's secretary of state would not validate the registrations until ordered to do so by the court, thus leaving no time in the few weeks before the election to verify them all.

Our right to vote today is a hard won privilege the seeds of which were planted well over 200 years ago in the American Revolution. This far removed from the Revolution we do not pay due reverence to the act of voting, not just the act of voting, but the act of voting without being told how to vote. We get to vote, as a nation, how we dang well please. There is no one strong-arming us at the polls.

Voting is a great responsibility. We owe it to ourselves to be well informed and educated on the issues and candidates before walking into the polling booth.

And one more thing, play nice.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

A Sweater Blank?


It's my own unvention, you saw it here first! I got dibs! Mine, mine, mine! Everyone will be doing it! Erm, not so much. I figured if I had enough exclamation points, I'd get excited about knitting the EXACT SAME SWEATER TWICE!

Nope, still no excitement, even with the yelling. Remember how I mentioned that I underestimated the size of the lady bits? I am well aware of the size of the girls, I didn't really underestimate per se. It was more of a lapse in judgement. I decided that I didn't really need any ease in my sweater. I must have been drinkin' that day. I hate tight clothing. Proper fitting is good, sausage casing clothing, not so much.

So, I've created my own sweater blank, except it ain't blank. Rather than ripping it out, winding the yarn back into balls from whence it came, I'm re-knitting in a larger size straight from the original. It already comes in a color (no dyeing necessary), and here's the best know what it's going to look like when it's finished!

Still not feeling the love. That exclamation point didn't help either.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Clean 8 Year Old Laundry
The chores are never done. I've got to fold and put away the kid. sigh.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

We are a Rare Breed

What makes knitters the eternal optimist glass half full type of person? This past week when many here in Ohio were (and still) without power, did we knitters get upset? No we did not, thankyavurymuch. I know that I among others thought, "Yea, verily, yea. Knitting time without annoying electronic distractions." Although distractions of a kid type were increased by whines of "I wanna play the Playstation" and "there's nothing to doooooo", "Mooom, make him stop bothering meeeee". My all time favorite is the high pitched girl scream of "Get out of my room!" followed by the slamming of the door.

Maybe we are the optimist (or the fool, I think sometimes the two are interchangeable), because we continue to knit on a sweater that after having laid it aside for a few days, pick it up, double check which size we are working on because we can't remember, realize that we are working on a size too small for us, but continue to knit it because our optimist (foolish) brain thinks it will some how be 'all right'. (How's that for a run on sentence?)

Hence, the non-end woven, armpit ungrafted, Sitcom Chic. Even though I knew that I should have done the bigger size, because there was no way this was going to close over my 'hey my eyes are up here', I kept knitting.

When I finally admitted it to my self I did what any foolish (let's call a spade a spade, shall we?) knitter would do. I cast on another sweater. It's going to be a green Malabrigo cardigan.

I know that this one will fit or my name isn't Edna Krabappel.
Crochet is Evil

Bad, Crochet, bad! Give the man back his dignity, Crochet.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I'm Stumped

Here in southwest Ohio we were hit with Ike. Go figure. Evidently Mother Nature likes to shake things up a bit. She likes to screw with us enough to bring us the remnants of Ike. By the time he got here, he was packing sustained winds of about 40 mph with gusts (recorded not 5 miles from here) of 84 mph. Not only was he an unwelcome guest, he hung around for 4 hours on Sunday afternoon ruining a perfectly lovely day with the kidlets (and I had cast on for the Malabrigo cardigan I've been ruminating about for eons), even the Husband had a rare weekend off, for a while...until Ike showed up and he was called into work.

Not to minimize what the poor souls in Texas are going through, but Ike sucks eggs. Over 1 million people in our area had their power knocked out, and about 1/2 that number are still without, and many aren't expected to get it back until the weekend. So those unfortunate few will be without for a week.

So this is what has me stumped, not so much stumped as worried about our society in general. When this first started, those of us with Husbands that are anal about such things (another reason I'm glad I'm married to him), pulled out their 'crisis kit' that contains flashlights, batteries, battery operated AM/FM/weather radios, glow sticks, water bottles,extra toilet paper, and angry eyes (you never know), and fired up the radio to see what the heck is going on. It was then that we heard it could be a week for some before power was restored.

So the next morning, I grabbed a few kids and the cooler and went in search of ice. We found a Walmart 15 miles away open (with no ice to be had). Not knowing how long we would be without power, I decided to grab some non-perishibles. Luckily when we built the house, I insisted on a gas stove (I hate electric stoves), so I was able to light the stove with the 10 (o.k., hunny, it's only 5) lighters the Husband had stashed in the kit. I already had some food in the larder that would last until 2010, but we had picked up a few extra kids (the nephews) along the way, so I grabbed more soup, ramen noodles, bread, etc.

Here is the incredible part: There is an operating McDonald's inside this particular Walmart, with a line 50 deep waiting to be fed! Knowing they could be without power for a week, these people (people with children I might add) chose to spend their cash on fast food rather than stock up on bread and peanut butter. I'm worried about our society.

What happened to our pioneer, can-do, self-reliant attitude that our forefathers had? This was not the only fast food place that had power that I saw huge lines. Every restaurant that was open was packed!

Have we become too soft? I'm sure this is one of the reasons terrorists hate us. We have an entitlement mentality. We would rather be waited on than do for ourselves (Big Macs v. peanut butter, handknit v. store-bought). I found this disturbing. Maybe I've just been married too long to Mr. Survival. Actually, we were a little disappointed when the power came back on. I kept telling everyone it was like camping, but with out the sleeping on the ground bit.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

I Have a Girl Crush

When I started this blog, I made a vow to myself to stay away from political discussions. This was strictly to be about knitting. Seeing as how I'm not the fastest knitter on the planet, and mentioning that I've joined the sleeves to the Sitcom Chic body is, let's be honest now, not the most exciting thing to read. Although it is very exciting to me. This means I may actually have a sweater I can wear the moment it comes off the needles. Unlike the wooly 'go to' sweater I finished in time for 80 F weather.

Any who, politics. I find myself very excited about this presidential election. Look what has happened in the past year. This is the first presidential election in which we have had a woman and an African-American with a real possibility of winning the office of President. For the first time there is a woman on the slate for VP that people can get really get worked up over. I just don't remember Geraldine Ferraro getting people talking the way Sarah Palin is. I seem to remember Ferraro being dismissed by the opposition as 'not a threat'.

But I believe that Sarah Palin has the Democrats worried. Worried that she just might be what the Republicans needed to win the election. Why else would they drag up any little thing they can about her? Good heavens, her husband had a DUI 22 years ago! She is clearly not suitable to be VP (this is where you read that last sentence with a sarcastic tone).

Shame on anyone that infers that she is not a good mother, because she had a Down Syndrome baby and went back to work 3 days later. Shame on you for stating that she shouldn't even be running for VP because of baby Trig or her pregnant daughter. This would be a non-issue if she were a man.

For those of you that feel she should be spending more time with Trig, Alaska's "First Dude" works part time, and as anyone with a large family knows, the older children are usually drafted to do their part. So I'd be willing to bet that Trig isn't missing out on attention.

Her pregnant teenage daughter should be off limits. It is a family issue and should remain a family issue. Even Sen. Obama has said so.

I don't necessarily agree with her position on abortion and same sex marriage, but I do admire the woman. Any woman that can co-helm a family of seven, run a state government, and field dress a moose is o.k. I can't even manage to get to the grocery before we run out of milk.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

Our local YMCA hosts a 'family camp' over the Memorial and Labor Day weekends. The extended family has made a habit to go either weekend. It's just like kid's camp with all the activities - horseback riding, archery, banana boat riding, crafts. My nether regions are no longer sore from the above activities, and no, I didn't get an arrow in the butt.

The food is just like kid's camp food, also. Gawd awful. They took the leftover chicken nuggets from dinner the night before (that the kidlets pronounced 'icky' - how do you screw up nuggets, fer cryinoutloud?) pour in sweet and sour sauce (the Husband said it was karo syrup) and throw some marichino cherries and pineapple chunks in the bowl. Voila! Chinese for lunch! The salad bar was a big hit that meal.

There was one difference from kid's camp though. I'll bet you wouldn't see a moon this size...

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Making My Own Way

I've been ruminating over something quite a bit the past several months. Surprisingly, out of nowhere, the Husband asked me the exact question a few days ago that I've been trying to figure out.

He asked me how it felt to no longer have parents living. In odd quiet moments this thought has popped into my head. I'm only in my mid 40's and like everyone else that has lived this long with parents still walking the earth, your rational mind tells you that someday they will be gone, but you never really grasp the reality of it until they are gone. I'm assuming here of course that one has a healthy relationship with their parents.

I've been trying to put it into words in my own mind so I could catalog the feeling, and file it away under that heading. But I'm finding it very difficult. Simple adjectives like 'sad' just don't describe the complexities of the emotion.

My parents were the prow of the ship, cutting the waves for my brothers and I to follow more easily behind. We have taken over that job, being battered so our children can easily follow. Even though I have been doing this job for my children since they were born, it seems harder now, more important. It feels as though I have now become the elder, the wise one. The one with the wealth of life experience. It is a heavy burden.

I just hope that I can live up to the example set by my parents.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Just What I Needed

This past weekend fit the bill. The Husband and I went to the Great Big Sea concert in Akron. It was bloody brilliant. I think if you had never heard of them and happened to bumble by, you still would have had a good time. But I'm a fan.

I did knit all through Jeremy Fisher's act (the opener), but it wasn't out of boredom. His set allowed for that type of behavior. He's just a guy with a guitar but still very entertaining.

I was able to cast on for the Husband's Tabi socks he requested for Iai-do during Jeremy's set and complete the ribbing and about two rounds of the stockinette before the headliner.

After a late night watching HBO at the hotel (a real treat since I refuse to get cable or a satellite over the family's objections) and a nice breakfast with family that lives in Cuyahoga Falls, we were back home.

Back to reality after a weekend of feeling like an unmarried woman without kids who has the whole world ahead of her. Needless to say Monday was a bit of a let down. It's just an "ordinary day, but it's all your state of mind." - "Ordinary Day" by Great Big Sea

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Random Wednesday

  • For what I just spent on school supplies for 4 kidlets, I expect good grades. That would be a good return on my investment.

  • Looking forward to a little time away from the kidlets. I'm dragging the Husband to Akron this weekend for an outdoor Great Big Sea concert on Saturday and brunch with my aunt and uncle on Sunday morning. Then a nice quiet 4 hour drive back home. I hope he doesn't drive too fast. I really want to stretch this weekend out.

  • Not knitting as ferociously on socks. I guess I can do about 7.5 socks in a row before I start to loose steam. I've been working on Sitcom Chic more in the past couple of days than socks.

  • The front room is almost done. I wish the Husband would quit saying that it's finished. Since he believes in his mind that it's finished, he has moved on to other projects. Him moving on to other projects involves him asking me to make phone calls and run errands while he's at work. I know that this will end in arguments and hard feelings, because he'll feel I'm not moving fast enough. Never mind that I still have day to day running of the house hold.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Welcome to Walmart

As I was standing in the express line (which was moving at a turtle's pace) to purchase the Husband's contact solution, I realized that the customer that was checking out was giving the cashier suggestions on good wines. A quick glance into his cart showed a 24 pack of beer and one of those two gallon jugs of wine with a screw top.

I guess every oenophile has to start some where.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

It's What We Do

Monday morning the Husband called me to let me know that Miley Cyrus' tour bus would be at a local shopping center. He suggested I take the Girl seeing as how she is just one of the horde of screaming pre-pubescent girls that, like, think Miley is the best, ever.

I wasn't going to say anything to the Girl, because I had, like, laundry to do, lots. The Husband thwarted my plans by coming home from work early and telling her. Did he take her? Hail, no.

This is what we saw when we arrived.Picture 025

You can't tell from the photo, but this line snaked around three times. We waited in line, in the blazing sun while standing on asphalt, for 3 1/2 hours. 3. and. one half. hours.

To see this..Picture 029Miley's bed on the bus.

And this..Picture 030Billy Ray and wife's bed with actual costumes!

Guess who the hero of the day was? Dad.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Another sock

I've started Summer of Socks 08 pair number 4! Can you hear the fanfare? Yeah, neither can I.

Its Yarn Treehouse yarn in a kicky orange. I said 'kicky', sheez. I'm attempting the Bluebell Rib pattern from Charlene Schurch's Sensational Knitted Socks.

Picture 022

Funny story about this stitch pattern. Well, not really LOL funny, it's more like a 'huh, you don't say' funny. Several months ago I decided that it can't be too hard to 'design' a sock pattern. I came up with the Husband's aran out of my head after cobbling together several cable stitches I thought would look good together.

I have this Sockotta yarn that I started to use for a utility vanilla-like sock, except I didn't like the way the color was pooling. A stitch pattern is what was needed to break up the pooling. I bumbled across a stitch pattern in an old book I have, and started using it for the sock. It was perfect, except I kept forgetting what row I was on in the pattern repeat. I kept thinking that if I could work through it and it turned out o.k. I would submit it to or something.

Guilt of not working on the Husband's aran took over, so I decided to frog the sock and start over fresh after the sweater was done. Then the Summer of Socks took over my soul...

I finished pair number 3 yesterday, Picture 021and needed to cast on for pair number 4. I grabbed this yarn and started swatching. I grabbed Charlene's book to see what would work with my gauge since I had such good luck with the other socks I worked from this book. I wanted something lacey.

The picture of the little swatch of the Bluebell Rib was beautiful. I read the chart for the pattern and I realized that Charlene had the same idea I had about this pattern. She just managed to get hers published in a book. All of my modest dreams about being a 'designer' were deflated.

I guess it's just as well, I wouldn't want all that fame and fortune to go to my head. The next thing you know, my marriage would have fallen apart because the Husband and I would have been at 'different places' in our careers and rumors would be swirling about my alleged affair with George Clooney. Why can't the media leave us alone, already?

Yeah, I think it's all for the best.
40 Days and Nights

This past week has been rather trying. Thing 1 started with some viral thing that gave him a fever and sore throat (tested negative for strep). He passed it on to Thing 2 and the Girl, and I've had a bit of it on top of insomnia.

Today Thing 1 has done nothing but whine and complain, and it's only 9am. He asked for a bagel with ham and melted cheese for breakfast. Once it was ready, he decided he didn't like the cheese and wanted something else. He's complained that his twin won't play with him, he doesn't like anything anyone is doing. Now, let me ask you something. Is it really illegal to choke an 8 year old? Really? Merde.

I awoke with a headache and immediately had to take a hit on the inhaler. The Husband had the fan set to 'full on wind tunnel' blowing the cat hair (to which I am allergic) into a swirling vortex of death in the bedroom, thus my condition this morning.

Let's look on the bright side shall we? 40 more days and nights until the kidlets are back in school!

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

He Still Surprises Me

After nearly 15 years of marriage the Husband still manages to pull one out of his hat and do something totally unexpected. Yesterday I had to go work my silly little part time job (merchandising). It was going to be a little project so I was only going to be gone 3 hours.

As I was leaving the Husband and the kidlets were sitting in their usual summer positions - in front of the t.v. I yelled on my way to the garage that I would like to have the load of whites in the dryer folded and the kitchen clean by the time I got back.

I returned to an unclean kitchen and underwear and socks dropped in intervals from the dryer across the kitchen floor to the family room. I suppose they were leaving crumbs so they could find their way back to the laundry room seeing as how I'm the only one in the family that knows where it is.

I only had an hour on my return before I had to drag the kidlets to karate. So I knuckled down and took a 1/2 nap. When I got up I grabbed the Araucania that I have in the stash to start on pair number 3 for the Summer of Socks 08. Picture(Here's completed pair number 2)

I got out the ball winder (I have no swift - must remedy this), cut off the label and proceeded to cuss because I had cut the yarn at an inconvenient place. Now I was going to have 3 balls of yarn from this hank!

I wound two of the balls, started on the third and ended up with a pile of yarn vomit on the table but could go no further because it was time to leave. Again, on my way out the door with the kidlets I yelled to no one in particular in my most sarcastic voice, "Thanks for cleaning the kitchen,guys!"

During my two hours at the dojo the Husband called wanting to know what we were doing about dinner, and to let me know that he straightened out the yarn vomit and wound it. Wow. He said he knew how much I hated it when the yarn got tangled, so he finished for me. Wow.

And the kitchen was clean when I got home.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Very Busy, Very Busy

I've finally finished my first pair of SoS08 socks. I was hoping to get one pair per week done, and I went a little over a week on this pair. I started them June 21 and Kirtchnered the final toe this morning. Note to self, using a purplish yarn with purplish needles (Knitpicks Options dpn's) in low light leads to mistakes. This is why it wasn't finished till this morning.

This is Trekking XXL on 2.75mm needles using a basic sock pattern. I love the color.
Picture 016

This is the way they will most likely be worn...Picture 018

This is currently on hold while I work on socks, socks, socks.
Picture 020

This out of focus blob is the Sitcom Chic.

Remember this picture?

How about this for a change?
Picture 008

They now have 2 coats of primer, and one wall has one coat of primer. Tomorrow I hope to have all of the primer done (including the ceiling) and at least one coat of paint on it. All this while getting ready for a family party for approximately 30 on July 4 and knitting on SoS08 pair number 2.

Friday, June 20, 2008

They Just Don't Get It

Tomorrow starts the Summer of Socks 08, and I can't believe I'm actually getting excited by it. I have such a small life.

I'm not one of the crazed knitters that is popping up in the forums on Ravelry asking if anyone else is staying up just to cast on at 12:01am. But if you are one of those crazed knitters, more power to you, you go, girl and all that stuff. No offense meant by that 'crazed knitter' thing.

I would, however like to at least have the Husband's aran off the needles by tomorrow morning. I only have about 2 inches left to do on each sleeve (I've been doing both at the same time). Two inches doesn't sound like much, but when there is moss stitch and cabling involved it takes some time.

Our book shelves were installed in the front room on Wednesday. I've spent the past several days patching the teeny holes in the dry wall caused by who knows what, but there were a lot of them. I guess that's what happens when you abandon one room to the free reign of the kidlets.

I've then had to sand the little teeny patches and the shelves. Once that was done came the removal of dust from the surfaces (using bucket and damp cloth). It's now 5:10pm on the day before the start of SoS08, and the Husband has called from work 3 times today wanting to know if I've started with the primer. The kidlets are pestering me, because they think that painting will be fun. Ignorant fools.

I have more important things to do right now.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Lazy Days of Summer, wuh?

Really? June 13th? Happenings (in no particular order): finally have grandparent's house cleaned out and ready for demo, two mammograms (every thing is fine), fridge repair (he has to come back Tuesday - waiting for parts), tag sale, electrician installed lighting in the front room (book shelves to be installed next week), dentist appointment for 2 of the kidlets, doctor's appointment later today (just a check up), babysat neighbor's kidlets for 10 hours yesterday (without a working playstation, DVD player or cable), attended Masonic ceremony where the Beard (father-in-law) was installed as the Grand Poobah (not official title) of his lodge, birthday party for the Girl (for her friend Lucy).

Not happening: knitting or blogging. I did do a quickie weeding of the garden. I thought it was time considering the weeds were taller than the tomato plants.

Still to come: dentist appointment for me, extra merchandising calls (covering for someone while on vacation), aunt's company picnic at Coney Island, turn off fridge and buy ice for cooler in preparation for fridge repair. Thankfully, my calendar is quite blank after June 18th. Unfortunately, I'll be spending that time painting the front room, before we install the floor, recover the furniture, find a window treatment...

This isn't how I pictured my summer to be. I saw myself sitting on the swing on the deck with a glass of lemonade knitting away on sock after sock. Curse you, reality!

I did however find a few minutes to cast on the Sitcom Chic cardigan. I caved. I'm weak. All this while trying to finish the Husband's aran. I've lowered my expectations. I don't think I'll have it blocked and seamed before June 21 when the Summer of Socks begins. I figure if I just have it off the needles by then I can block and seam it this September and it will still be ready for him to wear by the time it's cold.

I'll have pictures for the Sitcom Chic later. I'm working on the Husband's work laptop and I don't want to download any knitting pix to it. We gave our desk top to my brother and bought a new one. We're waiting to connect it until the dusty work is done in the front room. Which reminds me, I need to buy some of those plastic tarp thingies to cover my desk.

Friday, May 30, 2008

I Must Be Stopped

I'm sitting here with a nasty headache that was present and accounted for upon awakening. I only have 4 more blissful days until the kidlets are out of school for the summer, and I'm feeling too bleh to enjoy it today.

I need to update and balance the checking accounts, do some laundry, tidy the house, and run some errands. Instead, I'm playing on Ravelry. I happen to go to my queue and I notice the Sitcom Chic.

"I really need a summery sweater for those times I'm in overly air-conditioned places which is practically every where, because, Heaven forbid we as Americans should ever sweat! We are after all a nation of consumers, so let's consume some energy!"

"Will you shuddup already? You can't be starting a new project right now! You've got to finish the Husband's aran before June 21, because you've signed up to do the Summer of Socks. You're already committed to making socks this summer. If you're cold, just throw on one of your ratty sweatshirts."

"Yeah, you're committed alright. You're just cranky from the headache. Go take an aspirin. Listen, you've got to go pick up a prescription and some graduation and thank you cards, and Michaels is on the way home. You could run in and just see if they have enough Cotton-Ease (that's what is recommended) since you don't have a suitable alternative in the stash. Besides, it's supposed to be a quick knit."

"I think the aspirin is helping. Maybe Michaels won't have a color we like, and that will stop this yearning we have to start something new. Besides, Sheldon still doesn't have any feet."

Thursday, May 29, 2008

I Have a Confession

The best way to do this is just to jump in with both feet. I'm going to let you see something that most embarrasses me. It does not reflect well on me either. I hope y'all appreciate the size of my cahones after you see this picture. Here it goes...
That, my friends, is our front room. It has been in some form of that state since we moved in 8 years ago. Yes (hangs head in shame). This is what greets visitors to our home. Let me tell ya, the rest of the house ain't much better.

But, it's about to change. That one wall will be covered in built in book cases. The other walls will be covered in paint, not crayon drawings. The floor will be covered in wood laminate (it has a 30 year guarantee - we need it with this crew). The lego covered table will be moved to the basement (you're next basement - I'm coming for ya!). The antique settee and matching chair that currently resides in the garage will be recovered and moved to this room.

I'm glad that's off my chest.

Finally blocked the 'go to' sweater (we don't need no stinking segues). It's amazing the amount of dirt that came out of this thing. Dirt that was picked up just by schlepping it around while it was in process. If you look closely, you can see the Jamieson and Smith DK that I picked up in Dogrose for the hem lining.
I've got to shovel out the front room. An electrician is coming to install track lighting to shine on the soon to be installed book cases.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

What I need is a Deadline

I was reading Polly's post this morning. It' all about her monthly goals. God bless her, she usually manages to meet her goals. I, on the other hand, don't set goals. Well, I do in a vague sort of way. I set goals like "I will do laundry this week", or "I will get around to calling the dentist about this painful tooth".

I did promise the Husband that I would have his sweater done by the time the weather turned 2007. I just realized the other day that I have been working on his sweater for over a year. At least I'm not spinning the yarn for it myself, right, Steph?

Polly has signed up for a KAL of sorts. I was intrigued. I don't like KAL's. I don't like knitting something that everyone else is doing. I know that with these cyberspace KAL's the chances are pretty darn slim that I'll run into someone wearing the exact same scarf, but the possibility exists. O.K., I did knit a warshrag and a bathmat from that book, but lest the world has gone barking mad, I don't plan on wearing any of those out and about.

This KAL is the Summer of Socks hosted by Zarzuela. You're not told or sent the yarn to use, and you're not given a pattern. All you have to do is knit socks between June 21 and September 1. Quelle facile! (I have to use my college required language credit some how.) Her that knits the most socks wins. C'est bon. There are some 'side' contests, so if you're not a fast knitter you could still win something.

I'm not it for the prizes. Really. It's an honor just to be nominated...I figure that I need to get the Husband's aran and my 'go to' sweater (which is at the pick up and knit the hem stage) finished before this contest begins. Voila, I have a deadline!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

I see shopping in my future

Thursday was the Boy's 12th birthday. The twelve years that he's been on this earth have been joyous, loud, frustrating, and funny. We gave him his present on the day of his birthday, but since it was a school day and there were karate classes after school, we are having a celebration today.

I have to bake a cake, and I've been trying for days to get out of the Boy what he wanted for dinner. Since he hasn't decided, we made the decision for him. We're doing homemade pizza. I don't have the fixin's here. I'll have to hit the grocery.

Before I go to the grocery, I'm going to the yarn store! I don't have that big of a stash, and I don't have a dk weight wool yarn in order to do the hem linings on my 'go to' sweater. I want to use a lighter weight wool to reduce the bulk at the cuffs.

I misspoke. I do have the correct wool, but its my Koigu. I really don't want to dip into the 3 skeins I have. And it's orange. There are shades of pink in my brown sweater, and I was hoping to use a pink for the lining. Although the orange would be pretty, also. I'm waffling.

Don't need waffles from the grocery, I have plenty, thankyouverymuch.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Not Quite Done

I've had time to let my thoughts about the previous rant percolate, and I decided that I came across as anti-charity. Not true. If celebrities want to lend their face and name to do good, why not go with an established, proven charity?

Feel strongly about providing health care to those that desperately need it? How about Doctor's Without Borders? Feel strongly about helping to feed the hungry, and provide ecological ways to sustain and protect the earth's resources? How about Heifer International? Are you an eyeglass wearing celebrity? How about donating your used eyeglasses, and lending your voice in support of Luxottica's Gift of Sight? Years ago I went on a Gift of Sight mission to Mexico. It was fabulous.

I was privileged to see the look on some one's face when they could finally see well. Priceless. We had some specs there donated by famous people (Whoopi Goldberg and Crystal Gayle come to mind - thanks Whoopi and Crystal!) I actually got to fit Crystal Gayle's used specs on a amazing little Mexican woman that was thrilled to have them. Working a mission was one of the most uplifting and depressing experiences I've had.

Uplifting because I got to witness the joy of good vision. Depressing because there was so much more these people needed. We helped literally thousands of people in the two weeks we were there putting in gruelling 14+ hour days, but there were many more that got turned away simply due to man power and our exhaustion.

When is the last time you heard of a famous person helping in a soup kitchen on a regular basis? I'd like to think it's because they do it quietly, and they aren't in it to keep their name in the media.

Now. Done.

Speaking of done...I'm on the neck band of the 'go to' sweater. I decided to raise the back by doing short rows in the ribbing, but I had to rip it because I didn't hide the holes properly on the turns. Live and learn. I'll post pictures later. I'd do it today, but to paraphrase Franklin the sweater is over there, the camera is over that way, and I'm here. The powers of the Force aren't quite working for me today to bring them all to me here.
Friday Morning Rant

Is anyone else sick of the rich celebrities and their sycophant followers trying to push their beliefs and politics down our throats? I just read this article about Madonna's shenanigans concerning Kabbalah and Malawi. I have no doubt that she means well, but I wonder if it isn't just a big scam. Per the article, her charitable foundation isn't even registered.

I wish that Madonna, Tom Cruise, et al. would just shut up. Yes, it's wonderful that we have the freedom of speech, and that we can say and do anything as long as it's legal, but I suppose my beef is with the media outlets that give them air time to spout their views. Yes, I'm spouting my views on the world wide web, but realistically I command an audience of few while they have an audience of millions. God bless Paris Hilton's vacuous, shallow heart. Her only charitable foundation seems to be to keep the bartenders and nightclub workers employed.


Saturday, April 19, 2008

That's It?

After about 5 days of beautiful weather, we're back to rainy and cool just in time for the weekend. Not that the weekends mean the same to me since I became a stay at home frump. Every day is a week day! This is by far the most difficult job I've had, ever. Enough proselytising.

We had the most exciting thing happen to us in this area in years, and I slept through it. Apparently I missed the aftershock also.

Last weekend in Gurnee did not yield much knitting time as I had planned. The first day of the kidlet's tournament found me working a scorekeeper's table. But what are you going to do when the kidlet's sensei (who also happens to be the head ref at one of the rings) points at you and summons you by the power of his finger?

There were other powerful fingers at the tournament. I witnessed another ref walk in front of a group of young competitors sitting on the floor. All he had to do was point with his finger, and they all scooted back several feet. I must learn the power of the finger from the sensei.

I did get a little knitting time in on the second day. I'm now on the yoke of the 'go to' sweater. No pictures, it's just more stockinette. Maybe I'll get it finished in time for warmer weather, if it ever comes.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Just the Thing

Having been left in a general funk since my father passed, I should have known better than to lay aside my knitting. For several weeks, I felt as though I was just going through the motions of life, and that was just one motion I wasn't interested in. It seemed extraneous.

I'm thankful for my children. As much as I enjoy a peaceful house when they are not around, they have a way of figuratively smacking you in the face ala Cher in Moonstruck. My father told me one day, as I gave him an 'are-you-nuts' look, that I was really lucky. At the time we were at his house, and the kids were running around being kids and loud. He said that he sat in his quiet house, with no demands on his time or attention, and thought about how lucky I was to be living in barely controlled chaos.

The smack came about two weeks after we laid my father to rest, and The Girl reminded me that I had promised several Sheldon's for her, Thing 1 and 2, The Boy (who's almost 12 and still wants one, may he never become jaded), Cousin D and Cousin B. She also pointed out that I've had the yarn in my stash for close to a year!

What a smart girl I have. She knew that what I needed to get over my funk was something that I could see progress on almost imediately, and it was in a cheery color, not grey or brown like the other two endless projects.

So, here is a legless (not Legolas) Sheldon. The legs are stuffed and ready to be attached.


I just need to stop the kidlets from arguing about who gets the first one.

And as for the other projects...I'm on sleeve two of the 'go to' sweater. And I've finished the front of the Husband's aran, and started the sleeves.


I'm doing them at the same time on the Knitpicks Options (love me some Options). This will be my weekend in Gurnee, Illinois for the kidlets regional karate tournament project. I have to have something to do to keep from noticing my numb, two day, bleacher sitting arse! My apologies to the wonderful people of Gurnee, but there is absolutely nothing to do in your little burg. Unless you go to Six Flags, which isn't open yet.

And proof that spring will soon be warming us up...starter plants!

Basil and Cosmos


And the mighty Tomato

We also have rosemary and nicotaina coming up. I'm still waiting on the sweet pepper, jalapeno, and eggplant.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Snow? What Snow?

snow 004
Snow drift outside the back door.

snow 001
Preparing to go and clean the driveway. Who is that masked man?

snow 002
Having a neighborly chat during the blizzard.

snow 003
Some think it's fun.

snow 006
Four days later. This is my kind of blizzard!

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Caught in the Act

I've decided that Tuesdays are for cleaning out Dad's house. It's a rather big house, 4 bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths, which will be a big job. It's overwhelming just to think about it.

So in order to not feel overwhelmed about clearing out Dad's house, I decided to go the the local yarn store first - and feel overwhelmed there! I knew they were having a sale this week, and I went in without a plan. I don't have any projects in mind. Well, I do. I just don't have any projects in mind that I don't already have the yarn. I was trying to knit from the stash. And, really, I can't afford to start any more projects until I'm done with the Husband's aran and my 'go to' sweater. I don't want to start down that slippery slope of startitis. Must Keep Feet Firmly on Path of Completion!

As I'm wandering the yarn store admiring the lady that had pattern in hand and the fortitude to only shop for yarn that would work with her pattern, my cell rings. It's the Husband.

"Hey, are you at your Dad's?"


"Where are you?"


"Shopping where?"

"The yarn store."

"Lambikins? I'm glad that you are able to assuage your grief with yarn!"

Darn tootin'! I assuaged my grief to the tune of one book (A Gathering of Lace - I had one, but water had been spilled on it. It had never properly dried, and the pages were sticking and mold was growing), 1 skein of Sockotta, 2 skeins of Araucania Ranco, 1 skein of Misti Alpaca 2ply lace, 2 skeins of New England Shetland by Harrisville, and one large beautiful skein of Interlacements Spiderweb. You can see them all on ravelry - kskferg.

I thought my grief could be even better assuaged by the purchase of several skeins of the Jade Sapphire Silk/Cashmere. But I was sure that if I did, I would feel grief of a different kind. The grief of spending too much.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Sloooowly Getting Back To It

I've started knitting again. Granted not with the same drive I had before Dad passed, but I'm knitting. Still nothing picture worthy. I am almost done with the first sleeve of the 'go to' raglan, before the joining with the body that is. I think that with sleeve number two I'll try the magic loop, or maybe two circulars.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

A Punch in the Gut

My father has passed away, and I feel as though the wind has been knocked out of me. In order to cope with the grief, I keep busy. Busy making funeral arrangements, busy cleaning, busy bringing order to the paper work nightmare that is his will and numerous accounts. But the one thing I have not been busy doing is knitting. I just don't want to.

I'm sure I'll get back into it soon. I find it interesting, in a detached way, that the one thing that knit bloggers the world over say is the 'new yoga' and that comforts them when they are stressed, anxious, sad, etc., is the farthest thing from my mind right now.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank those of you whose blogs I read. With your cheery pictures of beautiful, colorful knitting, you remind me that life goes on and that spring will come. I know this intellectually having also lost my mother some years ago, but I also need to feel it in my heart. Reading recently neglected blogs helps me to forget about my woes for a while which I know is part of my healing. Thank you.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Hey, honey, wanna neck?

I'm at the neck on the Husband's aran! The problem is that I've misplaced (quelle surprise!) my little knitting notebook with all (not all, honey, get your mind out of the gutter) of his pertinent measurements, including his neck. So, I'm unsure of how many stitches to cast off.

Luckily for me, the Husband called off sick today - not so lucky for him. He hurt himself about a month ago while working out, and the pain has been slowly getting worse. He hurts too much to move, so I have a captive subject for my measuring tape. The last time I measured him, he was rather impatient even though I was measuring him for his sweater that he wanted.

At the time he hurt himself he thought it was pulled muscle. Now, after a quick call to the doctor-brother-in-law, he has a suspect. Mr. Hern E. Ah. All will be confirmed or denied after a visit to our doctor.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Hot Damn!

While I would hold down the ground hog for Franklin, we are having a little milder winter here in southwest Ohio (knock wood). It is indeed a beautiful morning. Yeah, it's rainy and overcast, but look....

blog 014

1/4" of crocus buds!

How about a gratuitous artsy-fartsy cute puppy picture?

blog 012

Knitting? I got nuthin'.

Monday, January 28, 2008


I got to raise the "percent completed" amount in Ravelry for the 'go to' sweater and the Husband's aran. I know, I know, the blog has been rather slim on the knitting lately. I'm trying to get these two projects done before I move onto another.

There have been no pictures, because it's just more of the same. Although I did rip out the 5 inches of sleeve that I had completed on the 'go to' sweater. I'm going to start over and work on it at the tire place today while I wait for them to put two new tires on the Husband's Jeep.

If you've ever worked with kettle dyed wool like Malabrigo, you know that you need to work from two different skeins and switch every two rows or so in order to blend the colors. This is because there are no dye lots in kettle dyed wool. No two skeins are exactly alike. In order to not have an obvious difference in your project where you had to start with a new skein, you need to work with two and switch every row or two just like you are doing stripes.

Well, where I was switching skeins was right at the beginning of a new dpn. In order not to have ladders, I was pulling the first stitch tighter. I decided I was pulling this stitch a little too tight. So I ripped.

Then I got the brilliant idea of magic looping the sleeve. Unfortunately, I've misplaced one of the 32" cables that came with my Options set (the other is in use in the Husband's aran). I'm not going to use the 24", because I think it will be too short to work with comfortably once I get a few more stitches on the needles due to increasing.

With this conundrum at hand, I went online shopping! Hi, honey! I only spent about $18 - including shipping! I bought extra cables, and those little marker things that you hang on the cables to remind yourself what size needle you were using should you need to remove the pointy part of the needle. Oh, yeah, I did buy two skeins of Alpaca Cloud that was on sale to make Ene's Scarf. Shhhhh! I don't want the Husband to know! He thinks I have enough yarn. Silly man.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Nothing to see here, move along

Just miles and miles of stocking stitch on the 'go to' raglan of Malabrigo. The body is complete to the joining of the sleeves. I started a sleeve last evening.

Show's over, people.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Now, what kind of mother would I be?

Yesterday morning-ish, after I decided that it would be a good day for a 'jammie day', I told the Girl to take a shower. She smelled a bit ripe. As I dozed in the La-Z-Boy by the window letting the sunbeam warm me up, I heard a series of crashes, the last one being very loud, coming from the upstairs bathroom.

"Now what!?", I mumbled to myself as I started to shuffle upstairs. I moved a little faster when I heard the high pitched "Mommmmeeeeeee!!!" coming from the bathroom. I didn't move that fast though, because, well, the Girl is a bit of a drama queen.

I found the Girl standing in the bathroom, nekkid, holding a towel to her butt. "I'm bleeding!", she yelled. She evidently had fallen in the tub, and had broken that little ceramic soap dish that sticks out of the tile and cut herself on it.

I saw a little tiny cut on her calf. "Oh, ferchrissakes, that's it?!", I said disgustedly.

"No, I think I'm bleeding from my butt!"

"Move the towel, let me see." As she looked over her shoulder, I thankfully kept my face calm as I saw a 3 inch long zig-zag gash about 1.5" deep right next to her crack.

How was I going to get a girl dressed with that canyon of a cut on her bottom and to the hospital? Add to this the fact that the Husband was out on one his very rare 'boys outings', and the other 3 kidlets could not be left alone. There was no way around it, I had to call 911. The husband got home with in minutes of the deputy, squad, and ladder truck showing up. Ladder truck? She has a cut heiney! Well, we gave the neighbors something to discuss for the afternoon. Y'all can thank me later - with cookies.

So, as we are riding in the back of the squad with the PD following in her car (we would need a ride home - at least I wasn't at home with the other 3 kidlets, one of whom was hysterical because he thought his sister was going to die), the Girl looks over at me and sees that I have a bag with me that I use to carry knitting projects and says very accusitorily, mind you, "Mom, you brought your knitting?!"

"Of course not, what kind of mother would I be? These are clothes for you to wear home!" I failed to tell her that I did briefly consider which project would be best suited to a wait in the emergency room. I am so ashamed, let's keep this between us, shall we?

Thursday, January 10, 2008



Not much to write about, just some boring stocking stitch in the round. This is going to be my 'go to' sweater. It's Malabrigo that was going to be the Husband's sweater, but he decided there was too much pink in it. By 'too much pink' he meant 'not macho enough'. It's going to be a raglan with hemmed bottom ala Elizabeth Zimmerman. I'm thinking a rolled collar.

I'm even putting the Hamish to sleep.

blog 001

Thursday, January 03, 2008

I'm as Giddy as a School Girl

Can't talk now. I have to go gussy up for the handsome men that are going to deliver my new front load washer and dryer today, because any man that delivers new large appliances to my house are handsome.

I've been wanting a pair of these (get your mind out of the gutter, honey) since the twins were born 7 years ago. It's amazing how adding just two people to your family of four (to make 6, for those of you who've not had your morning libation) can increase your laundry 10 fold.

For the first time in my life, I'm actually excited about doing laundry. I've held off doing laundry for about a week now (the kids are in their third day of the same pajamas) just so I can give these babies a good hard (honey, gutter!) test run. The laundry room is newly organized with new shelving and sorting baskets, and I'm all a quiver with anticipation!

I'll see ya later. I have to go put on lipstick.