Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Christmas Makes Me Cranky

Are you one of those people that really don't like Christmas, but you keep your mouth shut so as not to ruin the fun of those magnificently silly people that are covered in colored sugar like a cookie and wear blinking Christmas themed pins/necklaces/ties? I'll come out of the closet and admit it. Christmas is not my favorite holiday.

Maybe it's because I feel the need to please those that 'get the Christmas spirit'. Yeah, the kidlets want the house decorated and pretty for Christmas, but who does all the work? Mom. Would it kill them to put the empty boxes away once they have decorated the house?

And don't get me started on the presents and the subterfuge that is involved with kidlets that still believe in Santa! Oi, vey.

I'm a home body. I love nothing more that to be at home on a cold winter's evening watching t.v. (even if it is Spongebob, because I never get control of the remote, ever) in my jammies. But, yet, there is another party we have to go to. Bah humbug.div>

I just get done making a lavish meal - all from scratch - for Thanksgiving (my favorite holiday, because it's just about the food and being with family and friends without the added bonus of gift buying/wrapping and decorating), when I have to do it again for Christmas! I just got the kitchen cleaned up, now I have to dirty it again? By cooking? Can't we just order a pizza?

The part I do like about Christmas is the week between Christmas and New Years. All of the hoopla is over, and the kidlets and I declare it jammie week. That's right, a week of jammies with nothing to do but eat leftovers and cookies, play games and take many naps. O.k., that last part is mostly me.

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