Monday, January 28, 2008


I got to raise the "percent completed" amount in Ravelry for the 'go to' sweater and the Husband's aran. I know, I know, the blog has been rather slim on the knitting lately. I'm trying to get these two projects done before I move onto another.

There have been no pictures, because it's just more of the same. Although I did rip out the 5 inches of sleeve that I had completed on the 'go to' sweater. I'm going to start over and work on it at the tire place today while I wait for them to put two new tires on the Husband's Jeep.

If you've ever worked with kettle dyed wool like Malabrigo, you know that you need to work from two different skeins and switch every two rows or so in order to blend the colors. This is because there are no dye lots in kettle dyed wool. No two skeins are exactly alike. In order to not have an obvious difference in your project where you had to start with a new skein, you need to work with two and switch every row or two just like you are doing stripes.

Well, where I was switching skeins was right at the beginning of a new dpn. In order not to have ladders, I was pulling the first stitch tighter. I decided I was pulling this stitch a little too tight. So I ripped.

Then I got the brilliant idea of magic looping the sleeve. Unfortunately, I've misplaced one of the 32" cables that came with my Options set (the other is in use in the Husband's aran). I'm not going to use the 24", because I think it will be too short to work with comfortably once I get a few more stitches on the needles due to increasing.

With this conundrum at hand, I went online shopping! Hi, honey! I only spent about $18 - including shipping! I bought extra cables, and those little marker things that you hang on the cables to remind yourself what size needle you were using should you need to remove the pointy part of the needle. Oh, yeah, I did buy two skeins of Alpaca Cloud that was on sale to make Ene's Scarf. Shhhhh! I don't want the Husband to know! He thinks I have enough yarn. Silly man.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Nothing to see here, move along

Just miles and miles of stocking stitch on the 'go to' raglan of Malabrigo. The body is complete to the joining of the sleeves. I started a sleeve last evening.

Show's over, people.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Now, what kind of mother would I be?

Yesterday morning-ish, after I decided that it would be a good day for a 'jammie day', I told the Girl to take a shower. She smelled a bit ripe. As I dozed in the La-Z-Boy by the window letting the sunbeam warm me up, I heard a series of crashes, the last one being very loud, coming from the upstairs bathroom.

"Now what!?", I mumbled to myself as I started to shuffle upstairs. I moved a little faster when I heard the high pitched "Mommmmeeeeeee!!!" coming from the bathroom. I didn't move that fast though, because, well, the Girl is a bit of a drama queen.

I found the Girl standing in the bathroom, nekkid, holding a towel to her butt. "I'm bleeding!", she yelled. She evidently had fallen in the tub, and had broken that little ceramic soap dish that sticks out of the tile and cut herself on it.

I saw a little tiny cut on her calf. "Oh, ferchrissakes, that's it?!", I said disgustedly.

"No, I think I'm bleeding from my butt!"

"Move the towel, let me see." As she looked over her shoulder, I thankfully kept my face calm as I saw a 3 inch long zig-zag gash about 1.5" deep right next to her crack.

How was I going to get a girl dressed with that canyon of a cut on her bottom and to the hospital? Add to this the fact that the Husband was out on one his very rare 'boys outings', and the other 3 kidlets could not be left alone. There was no way around it, I had to call 911. The husband got home with in minutes of the deputy, squad, and ladder truck showing up. Ladder truck? She has a cut heiney! Well, we gave the neighbors something to discuss for the afternoon. Y'all can thank me later - with cookies.

So, as we are riding in the back of the squad with the PD following in her car (we would need a ride home - at least I wasn't at home with the other 3 kidlets, one of whom was hysterical because he thought his sister was going to die), the Girl looks over at me and sees that I have a bag with me that I use to carry knitting projects and says very accusitorily, mind you, "Mom, you brought your knitting?!"

"Of course not, what kind of mother would I be? These are clothes for you to wear home!" I failed to tell her that I did briefly consider which project would be best suited to a wait in the emergency room. I am so ashamed, let's keep this between us, shall we?

Thursday, January 10, 2008



Not much to write about, just some boring stocking stitch in the round. This is going to be my 'go to' sweater. It's Malabrigo that was going to be the Husband's sweater, but he decided there was too much pink in it. By 'too much pink' he meant 'not macho enough'. It's going to be a raglan with hemmed bottom ala Elizabeth Zimmerman. I'm thinking a rolled collar.

I'm even putting the Hamish to sleep.

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Thursday, January 03, 2008

I'm as Giddy as a School Girl

Can't talk now. I have to go gussy up for the handsome men that are going to deliver my new front load washer and dryer today, because any man that delivers new large appliances to my house are handsome.

I've been wanting a pair of these (get your mind out of the gutter, honey) since the twins were born 7 years ago. It's amazing how adding just two people to your family of four (to make 6, for those of you who've not had your morning libation) can increase your laundry 10 fold.

For the first time in my life, I'm actually excited about doing laundry. I've held off doing laundry for about a week now (the kids are in their third day of the same pajamas) just so I can give these babies a good hard (honey, gutter!) test run. The laundry room is newly organized with new shelving and sorting baskets, and I'm all a quiver with anticipation!

I'll see ya later. I have to go put on lipstick.