Monday, December 25, 2006

It's Been a Good Day

The presents have been opened(everyone was nice this year), the breakfast cassarole consumed, the kidlets are playing well together, the husband's napping in the La-Z-Boy, and I'm not upset about the mess on the floor.

I wish you a year filled with good days.

Saturday, December 16, 2006


There really hasn't been much exciting knitting going these past weeks. I haven't started a lace stole, my 100th pair of socks, a sweater for me, scarves for teachers, or even a lonely little dishcloth.

I'm still working on this.

That is Samurai Hat Earflap Ni, and Samurai Earflap San. The little black box? It's 'Mommy's little helper'. My new MP3 player. I've been wanting one for a long time so I could 'tune out' the kidlets and their noises. You can only listen to Spongebob(on the t.v. or in dramatic recreation in the family room) for so long before you want to squeeze every last bit of moisture out of his square, pourous annoying yellow body, but only after you've used him to scrub the toilet in the kidlets bathroom that constantly smells like a gas station restroom.

Monday, December 04, 2006

The kid has a sense of humor!

My house is the habitat of 6 people, 4 of whom are 10 and under, two dogs, and a cat. Five of the six people and all of the animals are complete slobs. Only one person in this house gives a damn about the living conditions. I'll let you guess which one. It's pretty obvious.

A few mornings ago, the oldest male kidlet was eating breakfast at the kitchen table of all places(this is not their usual feeding ground) when I decided that I'd had enough of the silver poptart wrappers, the detritus of a craft project, and a box that someone had torn to pieces for reasons unknown. So I grabbed a garbage bag and started picking up.

I tend to rant as I tidy up, and this day was no exception.

"I've just figured out my purpose in life! My purpose in life is to pick up after y'all!"

Silence from the kitchen table.

"The good Lord put me on this earth to pick up after y'all. Y'all have known this all along! I'm so lucky that God has blessed me with four kind, considerate children that show me how much they love me everyday by leaving bits about the house for me to pick up, thus fulfilling my purpose. I should drop down on my knees this instant and praise the Lord! Halleluiah!"

Silence from the kitchen table.

By this time I had filled the bag, and plopped it down so I could tie it up.

"Hey, Kidlet #1, do you know what this is?"

"A bag of garbage?"

"No, it's a Bag o' Love!"

"It's a Bag of Guilt, you mean."