Saturday, April 26, 2008

I see shopping in my future

Thursday was the Boy's 12th birthday. The twelve years that he's been on this earth have been joyous, loud, frustrating, and funny. We gave him his present on the day of his birthday, but since it was a school day and there were karate classes after school, we are having a celebration today.

I have to bake a cake, and I've been trying for days to get out of the Boy what he wanted for dinner. Since he hasn't decided, we made the decision for him. We're doing homemade pizza. I don't have the fixin's here. I'll have to hit the grocery.

Before I go to the grocery, I'm going to the yarn store! I don't have that big of a stash, and I don't have a dk weight wool yarn in order to do the hem linings on my 'go to' sweater. I want to use a lighter weight wool to reduce the bulk at the cuffs.

I misspoke. I do have the correct wool, but its my Koigu. I really don't want to dip into the 3 skeins I have. And it's orange. There are shades of pink in my brown sweater, and I was hoping to use a pink for the lining. Although the orange would be pretty, also. I'm waffling.

Don't need waffles from the grocery, I have plenty, thankyouverymuch.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Not Quite Done

I've had time to let my thoughts about the previous rant percolate, and I decided that I came across as anti-charity. Not true. If celebrities want to lend their face and name to do good, why not go with an established, proven charity?

Feel strongly about providing health care to those that desperately need it? How about Doctor's Without Borders? Feel strongly about helping to feed the hungry, and provide ecological ways to sustain and protect the earth's resources? How about Heifer International? Are you an eyeglass wearing celebrity? How about donating your used eyeglasses, and lending your voice in support of Luxottica's Gift of Sight? Years ago I went on a Gift of Sight mission to Mexico. It was fabulous.

I was privileged to see the look on some one's face when they could finally see well. Priceless. We had some specs there donated by famous people (Whoopi Goldberg and Crystal Gayle come to mind - thanks Whoopi and Crystal!) I actually got to fit Crystal Gayle's used specs on a amazing little Mexican woman that was thrilled to have them. Working a mission was one of the most uplifting and depressing experiences I've had.

Uplifting because I got to witness the joy of good vision. Depressing because there was so much more these people needed. We helped literally thousands of people in the two weeks we were there putting in gruelling 14+ hour days, but there were many more that got turned away simply due to man power and our exhaustion.

When is the last time you heard of a famous person helping in a soup kitchen on a regular basis? I'd like to think it's because they do it quietly, and they aren't in it to keep their name in the media.

Now. Done.

Speaking of done...I'm on the neck band of the 'go to' sweater. I decided to raise the back by doing short rows in the ribbing, but I had to rip it because I didn't hide the holes properly on the turns. Live and learn. I'll post pictures later. I'd do it today, but to paraphrase Franklin the sweater is over there, the camera is over that way, and I'm here. The powers of the Force aren't quite working for me today to bring them all to me here.
Friday Morning Rant

Is anyone else sick of the rich celebrities and their sycophant followers trying to push their beliefs and politics down our throats? I just read this article about Madonna's shenanigans concerning Kabbalah and Malawi. I have no doubt that she means well, but I wonder if it isn't just a big scam. Per the article, her charitable foundation isn't even registered.

I wish that Madonna, Tom Cruise, et al. would just shut up. Yes, it's wonderful that we have the freedom of speech, and that we can say and do anything as long as it's legal, but I suppose my beef is with the media outlets that give them air time to spout their views. Yes, I'm spouting my views on the world wide web, but realistically I command an audience of few while they have an audience of millions. God bless Paris Hilton's vacuous, shallow heart. Her only charitable foundation seems to be to keep the bartenders and nightclub workers employed.


Saturday, April 19, 2008

That's It?

After about 5 days of beautiful weather, we're back to rainy and cool just in time for the weekend. Not that the weekends mean the same to me since I became a stay at home frump. Every day is a week day! This is by far the most difficult job I've had, ever. Enough proselytising.

We had the most exciting thing happen to us in this area in years, and I slept through it. Apparently I missed the aftershock also.

Last weekend in Gurnee did not yield much knitting time as I had planned. The first day of the kidlet's tournament found me working a scorekeeper's table. But what are you going to do when the kidlet's sensei (who also happens to be the head ref at one of the rings) points at you and summons you by the power of his finger?

There were other powerful fingers at the tournament. I witnessed another ref walk in front of a group of young competitors sitting on the floor. All he had to do was point with his finger, and they all scooted back several feet. I must learn the power of the finger from the sensei.

I did get a little knitting time in on the second day. I'm now on the yoke of the 'go to' sweater. No pictures, it's just more stockinette. Maybe I'll get it finished in time for warmer weather, if it ever comes.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Just the Thing

Having been left in a general funk since my father passed, I should have known better than to lay aside my knitting. For several weeks, I felt as though I was just going through the motions of life, and that was just one motion I wasn't interested in. It seemed extraneous.

I'm thankful for my children. As much as I enjoy a peaceful house when they are not around, they have a way of figuratively smacking you in the face ala Cher in Moonstruck. My father told me one day, as I gave him an 'are-you-nuts' look, that I was really lucky. At the time we were at his house, and the kids were running around being kids and loud. He said that he sat in his quiet house, with no demands on his time or attention, and thought about how lucky I was to be living in barely controlled chaos.

The smack came about two weeks after we laid my father to rest, and The Girl reminded me that I had promised several Sheldon's for her, Thing 1 and 2, The Boy (who's almost 12 and still wants one, may he never become jaded), Cousin D and Cousin B. She also pointed out that I've had the yarn in my stash for close to a year!

What a smart girl I have. She knew that what I needed to get over my funk was something that I could see progress on almost imediately, and it was in a cheery color, not grey or brown like the other two endless projects.

So, here is a legless (not Legolas) Sheldon. The legs are stuffed and ready to be attached.


I just need to stop the kidlets from arguing about who gets the first one.

And as for the other projects...I'm on sleeve two of the 'go to' sweater. And I've finished the front of the Husband's aran, and started the sleeves.


I'm doing them at the same time on the Knitpicks Options (love me some Options). This will be my weekend in Gurnee, Illinois for the kidlets regional karate tournament project. I have to have something to do to keep from noticing my numb, two day, bleacher sitting arse! My apologies to the wonderful people of Gurnee, but there is absolutely nothing to do in your little burg. Unless you go to Six Flags, which isn't open yet.

And proof that spring will soon be warming us up...starter plants!

Basil and Cosmos


And the mighty Tomato

We also have rosemary and nicotaina coming up. I'm still waiting on the sweet pepper, jalapeno, and eggplant.