Friday, April 25, 2008

Not Quite Done

I've had time to let my thoughts about the previous rant percolate, and I decided that I came across as anti-charity. Not true. If celebrities want to lend their face and name to do good, why not go with an established, proven charity?

Feel strongly about providing health care to those that desperately need it? How about Doctor's Without Borders? Feel strongly about helping to feed the hungry, and provide ecological ways to sustain and protect the earth's resources? How about Heifer International? Are you an eyeglass wearing celebrity? How about donating your used eyeglasses, and lending your voice in support of Luxottica's Gift of Sight? Years ago I went on a Gift of Sight mission to Mexico. It was fabulous.

I was privileged to see the look on some one's face when they could finally see well. Priceless. We had some specs there donated by famous people (Whoopi Goldberg and Crystal Gayle come to mind - thanks Whoopi and Crystal!) I actually got to fit Crystal Gayle's used specs on a amazing little Mexican woman that was thrilled to have them. Working a mission was one of the most uplifting and depressing experiences I've had.

Uplifting because I got to witness the joy of good vision. Depressing because there was so much more these people needed. We helped literally thousands of people in the two weeks we were there putting in gruelling 14+ hour days, but there were many more that got turned away simply due to man power and our exhaustion.

When is the last time you heard of a famous person helping in a soup kitchen on a regular basis? I'd like to think it's because they do it quietly, and they aren't in it to keep their name in the media.

Now. Done.

Speaking of done...I'm on the neck band of the 'go to' sweater. I decided to raise the back by doing short rows in the ribbing, but I had to rip it because I didn't hide the holes properly on the turns. Live and learn. I'll post pictures later. I'd do it today, but to paraphrase Franklin the sweater is over there, the camera is over that way, and I'm here. The powers of the Force aren't quite working for me today to bring them all to me here.

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