Saturday, December 13, 2008

I Can Hear My Mother Now

"If (insert friend's name here) were jumping off a bridge..." Now, in my defense, I had every intention of starting the scarf long before she made a few. She just got to it first.

Yep, that's the Noro striped scarf that all of the cool kids are making. I think I did o.k. picking out the colors online when all I had to judge the colors by was a wee little picture. So far the striping is pretty awesome. The greens, browns, and blacks from the two different skeins seem to be coming up at the same time giving a rather muted striping effect. Those two skeins are colors 221 and 245. We'll see what happens when I start using color 279.

I could see making multiples of this scarf, because it's fun and good watchin' t.v. knittin'.

I've also decided that I don't have enough wool sweaters. It's shameful really. I'm a knitter fer cryin' out loud. I really only have two wool sweaters that are good for indoors. One is a Goodwill buy. It's a Woolrich sweater. It's a henley tunic length made out of a sport weight heathered blue wool. It's nice and warm, but not too heavy. The other is my 'go to' sweater.

My other wool sweaters are those really heavy thick cabled aran type sweaters that are perfect for wearing outside when you don't want to wear a coat. I like pretending I'm in an LLBean catalogue! You know the one I'm talking about. It's the photo of the healthy looking model outside in the snow draging a Christmas tree along behind her wearing the rubber snow boots that they are known for with her flannel lined jeans, earwarmers, mittens, and cabled sweater.

So to remedy my problem of not having enough warm wooly 'inside' sweaters, I'm knitting furiously on the Malabrigo cardigan I started in September. I'm doing a modified drop shoulder, and I'm almost done with the back. My goal is to have 7 indoor wool sweaters. One for each day of the week. Maybe I'll reach my goal in a couple of years!

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