Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Random Wednesday

  • For what I just spent on school supplies for 4 kidlets, I expect good grades. That would be a good return on my investment.

  • Looking forward to a little time away from the kidlets. I'm dragging the Husband to Akron this weekend for an outdoor Great Big Sea concert on Saturday and brunch with my aunt and uncle on Sunday morning. Then a nice quiet 4 hour drive back home. I hope he doesn't drive too fast. I really want to stretch this weekend out.

  • Not knitting as ferociously on socks. I guess I can do about 7.5 socks in a row before I start to loose steam. I've been working on Sitcom Chic more in the past couple of days than socks.

  • The front room is almost done. I wish the Husband would quit saying that it's finished. Since he believes in his mind that it's finished, he has moved on to other projects. Him moving on to other projects involves him asking me to make phone calls and run errands while he's at work. I know that this will end in arguments and hard feelings, because he'll feel I'm not moving fast enough. Never mind that I still have day to day running of the house hold.

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