Monday, October 13, 2008

I Can't Help It

I'm going to get all political on y'all. I have become increasing concerned with the process of democracy in this country, most especially in my own state. My biggest wish this election year would be that we, the people, would take this election, or any election for that matter, seriously enough to follow the rules (laws) pertaining to our right to vote.

Here in my state of Ohio, which is always a highly contested state during presidential elections, I am very concerned with the actions of ACORN. There is an investigation into whether ACORN bribed one person to register to vote 73 times! There was also a one week period here that allowed people to register and vote at the same time! So there was no stopping someone that was so inclined to register/vote in one county, drive to another county and do it again and again and again, thus devaluing my one vote! Ohio's secretary of state would not validate the registrations until ordered to do so by the court, thus leaving no time in the few weeks before the election to verify them all.

Our right to vote today is a hard won privilege the seeds of which were planted well over 200 years ago in the American Revolution. This far removed from the Revolution we do not pay due reverence to the act of voting, not just the act of voting, but the act of voting without being told how to vote. We get to vote, as a nation, how we dang well please. There is no one strong-arming us at the polls.

Voting is a great responsibility. We owe it to ourselves to be well informed and educated on the issues and candidates before walking into the polling booth.

And one more thing, play nice.

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