Friday, May 30, 2008

I Must Be Stopped

I'm sitting here with a nasty headache that was present and accounted for upon awakening. I only have 4 more blissful days until the kidlets are out of school for the summer, and I'm feeling too bleh to enjoy it today.

I need to update and balance the checking accounts, do some laundry, tidy the house, and run some errands. Instead, I'm playing on Ravelry. I happen to go to my queue and I notice the Sitcom Chic.

"I really need a summery sweater for those times I'm in overly air-conditioned places which is practically every where, because, Heaven forbid we as Americans should ever sweat! We are after all a nation of consumers, so let's consume some energy!"

"Will you shuddup already? You can't be starting a new project right now! You've got to finish the Husband's aran before June 21, because you've signed up to do the Summer of Socks. You're already committed to making socks this summer. If you're cold, just throw on one of your ratty sweatshirts."

"Yeah, you're committed alright. You're just cranky from the headache. Go take an aspirin. Listen, you've got to go pick up a prescription and some graduation and thank you cards, and Michaels is on the way home. You could run in and just see if they have enough Cotton-Ease (that's what is recommended) since you don't have a suitable alternative in the stash. Besides, it's supposed to be a quick knit."

"I think the aspirin is helping. Maybe Michaels won't have a color we like, and that will stop this yearning we have to start something new. Besides, Sheldon still doesn't have any feet."

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