Saturday, May 03, 2008

What I need is a Deadline

I was reading Polly's post this morning. It' all about her monthly goals. God bless her, she usually manages to meet her goals. I, on the other hand, don't set goals. Well, I do in a vague sort of way. I set goals like "I will do laundry this week", or "I will get around to calling the dentist about this painful tooth".

I did promise the Husband that I would have his sweater done by the time the weather turned 2007. I just realized the other day that I have been working on his sweater for over a year. At least I'm not spinning the yarn for it myself, right, Steph?

Polly has signed up for a KAL of sorts. I was intrigued. I don't like KAL's. I don't like knitting something that everyone else is doing. I know that with these cyberspace KAL's the chances are pretty darn slim that I'll run into someone wearing the exact same scarf, but the possibility exists. O.K., I did knit a warshrag and a bathmat from that book, but lest the world has gone barking mad, I don't plan on wearing any of those out and about.

This KAL is the Summer of Socks hosted by Zarzuela. You're not told or sent the yarn to use, and you're not given a pattern. All you have to do is knit socks between June 21 and September 1. Quelle facile! (I have to use my college required language credit some how.) Her that knits the most socks wins. C'est bon. There are some 'side' contests, so if you're not a fast knitter you could still win something.

I'm not it for the prizes. Really. It's an honor just to be nominated...I figure that I need to get the Husband's aran and my 'go to' sweater (which is at the pick up and knit the hem stage) finished before this contest begins. Voila, I have a deadline!

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