Thursday, July 24, 2008

Another sock

I've started Summer of Socks 08 pair number 4! Can you hear the fanfare? Yeah, neither can I.

Its Yarn Treehouse yarn in a kicky orange. I said 'kicky', sheez. I'm attempting the Bluebell Rib pattern from Charlene Schurch's Sensational Knitted Socks.

Picture 022

Funny story about this stitch pattern. Well, not really LOL funny, it's more like a 'huh, you don't say' funny. Several months ago I decided that it can't be too hard to 'design' a sock pattern. I came up with the Husband's aran out of my head after cobbling together several cable stitches I thought would look good together.

I have this Sockotta yarn that I started to use for a utility vanilla-like sock, except I didn't like the way the color was pooling. A stitch pattern is what was needed to break up the pooling. I bumbled across a stitch pattern in an old book I have, and started using it for the sock. It was perfect, except I kept forgetting what row I was on in the pattern repeat. I kept thinking that if I could work through it and it turned out o.k. I would submit it to or something.

Guilt of not working on the Husband's aran took over, so I decided to frog the sock and start over fresh after the sweater was done. Then the Summer of Socks took over my soul...

I finished pair number 3 yesterday, Picture 021and needed to cast on for pair number 4. I grabbed this yarn and started swatching. I grabbed Charlene's book to see what would work with my gauge since I had such good luck with the other socks I worked from this book. I wanted something lacey.

The picture of the little swatch of the Bluebell Rib was beautiful. I read the chart for the pattern and I realized that Charlene had the same idea I had about this pattern. She just managed to get hers published in a book. All of my modest dreams about being a 'designer' were deflated.

I guess it's just as well, I wouldn't want all that fame and fortune to go to my head. The next thing you know, my marriage would have fallen apart because the Husband and I would have been at 'different places' in our careers and rumors would be swirling about my alleged affair with George Clooney. Why can't the media leave us alone, already?

Yeah, I think it's all for the best.

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