Saturday, September 06, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

Our local YMCA hosts a 'family camp' over the Memorial and Labor Day weekends. The extended family has made a habit to go either weekend. It's just like kid's camp with all the activities - horseback riding, archery, banana boat riding, crafts. My nether regions are no longer sore from the above activities, and no, I didn't get an arrow in the butt.

The food is just like kid's camp food, also. Gawd awful. They took the leftover chicken nuggets from dinner the night before (that the kidlets pronounced 'icky' - how do you screw up nuggets, fer cryinoutloud?) pour in sweet and sour sauce (the Husband said it was karo syrup) and throw some marichino cherries and pineapple chunks in the bowl. Voila! Chinese for lunch! The salad bar was a big hit that meal.

There was one difference from kid's camp though. I'll bet you wouldn't see a moon this size...

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