Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Something I've Never Done Before

I've never been one to make New Year's resolutions. In fact, I've always resolved not make resolutions. Maybe that's my problem.

I'm happy with my looks and weight. Sure I could stand to lose some weight, but I'm just not motivated enough. My extra 20 pounds isn't affecting my health and I don't have to shop for plus sizes, and I'm o.k. with that. I do have some grey hair and that can be easily taken care of. Plus the sweet husband says I'm getting 'hotter' as I get older now that I'm past the frumpy-I-have-very-young-children-or-I'm-pregnant-so-I'm-always-tired-stage.

So this leaves me with personal characteristics. My list will not be as amusing as Franklin's, and these aren't really resolutions they are more like guide lines.

1. I must fight the tendency to be lazy - if I can do this the house will be clean and organized. If the house is clean and organized, I will have time to tackle home improvement projects such as laying down new flooring in the living room, stairs and upstairs hall. Every room will get a new coat of paint and drapes. I will also get the buffet from my great-grandmother cleaned up and looking purty. Which leads me to all of the craft projects that are percolating in my mind...

2. A fisherman's sweater for the husband - I was almost finished with a very large Malabrigo sweater for him(60" chest) when he decided he didn't like the color. Thank goodness I hadn't finished the other sleeve and neckband! So rather than have the thing lay in a drawer never to be worn after months of on and off work, I ripped it.

3. A SpongeBob sweater of my own design for Thing 1 - yellow sweater with Bob's face on the front

4. A Patrick sweater of my own design for Thing 2 - Patrick is as some of you may be cursed to know is a pink starfish. The husband has a strong opinion about boys wearing pink, so it will have to be a smallish Patrick motif on some 'manly' background

5. Knit a runner for the front entry

6. Baby blanket for new family member to be born in February - I'd better get a move on. I don't even have the yarn for this one.

7. A quilt made from old jeans cut into squares

8. Finish the #$%^&#%%& samurai hats!

9. Finally, I need to challenge myself so this is the year I would like to attempt a lace shawl for me. Do you see the above list? Not a dang thing on there for me!

Gotta run, I've got carpet to rip up, laundry to fold, a nap to take! Scratch that last.

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