Tuesday, January 09, 2007

An Experiment

Tonight I will be performing an experiment. I will attempt to answer the question: Is it safe to drink and knit?

The husband is the commander of a local police academy and tonight is the unit on field sobriety tests and use of the breathalizer. I selflessly volunteered to help. That means I will be getting a good buzz going so the students can test their skills on a live subject. It's my way of being a good citizen.

So I've rounded up family members to watch the kidlets this evening while I get drunk in order to further the education of these fine young men and women. Yes, there are women in the class. You go, girl!

I will be there for about 5 hours with nothing to do except knit, oh yeah, and drink wine(they provide the wine - I requested a nice Sauvignon Blanc or a Merlot. You can do that when you are married to the commander). Just imagine, five hours of knitting and drinking. I've been thinking about what sort of project I should take with me. Obviously I don't want to take anything too fussy, so the samurai hat is out. Besides, I'm at the finishing point. It wouldn't be practical to block all of the pieces for 3 hats at the academy.

The only other project that I have going at this point is the Daughter's sweater. So, I think I'll take that and some Peaches and Cream that I have on hand and whip out a few dishcloths. Although, this could be a good excuse to go yarn shopping(as if any of us need an excuse!). I have several ideas percolating.

It will be fun to see if there is any difference between my 'sober knitting' and my 'drunk knitting'. I'll let you know as soon as the headache I'm sure to have goes away.

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