Tuesday, January 26, 2010


That's the sound I make while I recover from gallbladder surgery. Lots of sleep, and lots of grunting. Every one I spoke with that has also had their gallbladder removed tells me that I'll realize how bad I was feeling before the surgery, because I'll feel so much better after. Well, duh. Anything will be an improvement over the soreness and bruising around my multiple (but small) incisions.

I'm rather late in letting all of you know (all 3 or 4 of you that bother to read this) that we made it through the holidays unscathed, and it turned out to be the best (and by best, I mean least stressful) holiday season ever. This year I actually managed to get everything done in a timely manner, so I only had to sit back and enjoy the time with family.

But I didn't get any rest once the new year began. In between doctor visits for me, the Girl, and Thing2, I took spinning lessons! ...with a wheel... I have a new addiction. One that I currently suck doing, but an addiction none the less.

I am lucky enough to live in a part of the country also occupied by one of 5 master spinners in the US. She has rubbed elbows and is on a first name basis with some of the big playas. Gord is one, as in Gord Lendrum, maker of the Lendrum spinning wheel. And let's not forget Judith. On our last day of class she showed us, and let us try, making Judith's "Wolf Yarn". This is a mohair yarn that she said Judith sold a lot of when she first started spinning and selling her handspun. She called it "Wolf Yarn" because it kept the wolves from the door. Judith? Judith MacKenzie McCuin.

And now, possibly the bravest thing I have ever done. Pictures of my first attempts at spinning and plying. One caveat, though, the light isn't the best today...as if that will make up for it's suckiness.

My first handspun from Corriedale fiber.
My modest attempt at spinning ramie. This stuff is so soft. It's worth attempting again, but I think I'll wait until I am way more confident with my skills. Like when I get to the point where I'm proud to show off the handspun.

Finally, my attempt at the Wolf Yarn.

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