Wednesday, January 27, 2010


My new obsession is being delivered today! It's a Lendrum.

I had the opportunity to try out other wheels during my class. I worked on a Louet, an Ashford, a Majacraft, and a Schacht. I found that I really liked the Lendrum. The Ashford Saxony was a bit wobbly for my taste. It just didn't feel solid. While I liked the Louet, Majacraft, and the Schacht, I think for the money the Lendrum was the best buy. It's solid, very easy to assemble and disassemble for transporting (if you are into taking your wheel with you), and it comes with a good range of spin ratio's right out of the box. I purchased the "complete" model because it gave you the jumbo flyer for plying or making bulky yarn and the fast flyer. If purchased separately, it would have been more expensive than buying the wheel and adding these later.

I guess I won't get in the shower until the postman arrives. I can't risk missing the momentous event! Yeah, I'm squirrely that way.

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