Saturday, September 09, 2006


O.k., go ahead, admit it. Those of you that have moved out of your parent's house still have stuff there. I'll admit it, I've been out for almost 13 years and I still have stuff there. But, it's not always a bad thing.

We are in the process of cleaning out my grandparent's house, and oh my Lawd, honey, did they have a lot of stuff! The piece of property that my grandparents lived on has been in the family for several generations, and no one threw anything away! You never know when someone might need that broken tea cup. One a positive note, there are beautiful, old photographs and even lithographs of family ancestors, along with their furniture, quilts, and Bibles dating back to the latter 19th century.

But as this is a big job, and I'm going to have to do it all again sometime in the future(very long in to the future, I hope) at my parent's house, I decided to get a jump on it now and start getting my stuff out of my old room that I didn't deem worthy enough to go with me when I moved out.

So I was digging through my old closet and found a red plastic bag buried at the bottom from a LYS! With great excitement I ripped it open and found this.
I was like Christmas in, er, September! I had been working on a cropped, short sleeve sweater, and I had the back nearly complete. Plus, I found the missing no.5 needle! I can't believe that I had forgotten about this.

I've done it! My stash(stuff) has finally gotten so large that it's possible to forget about some of it only to rediscover it years(years, people) later. Insert evil laughter here.

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Nancy said...

Instead of getting all my stuff out of my parents house, I moved back in HAHA, that makes it easy. I found my mom's old wip though, a peach acrylic sweater about 1/4 of the way done. Its now gone, but I kept the knitting needles!