Friday, May 11, 2012

Stop Getting Older

Tomorrow my middle kidlet, the Girl, will be 14. I always thought that it was goofy when, as a kid, my mom would implore me to stop growing and getting older. I get it now.

I don't care about the fact that I'm getting older and fatter. I do care that my kidlets are moving closer to not needing me for every little thing. Hungry, you say? Go make yourself a sammich! You're filthy, I say. Go take a shower, and hang up your towel! No longer having to make their every meal, pour their every drink, and hang over the edge of the tub during bath time has given me more free time.

I now have time to still clean up after the little girl who wanting to be like mommy took a dozen eggs, sat on the floor and proceeded to crack, or smash, each one in, or near, a bowl. She still likes to crack eggs, but these days she manages to get them in the bowl, combine it with other ingredients, and come up with something yummy. I still have to clean the kitchen when she is finished.

The Girl who used to give her mom sweet hugs, now punches her with a fist that feels like a hammer during a competitive round of "punch buggy". Whose idea was it to put the girl in karate so she could defend herself? Dad's. Guess what, dad, she's going to knock anyone out that tries to manhandle her. Don't believe me? Take a look at the bruise on my upper right arm!

When she was born, my mother in law was so excited to finally have a granddaughter, that she flew into the room minutes after the Girl was born with nary a glance in my or the Husband's direction, and went straight to the Girl. That was the moment that I realized that she was really going to be something special. She may never be well known for curing cancer or the common cold, but that's o.k. She will always be special to those that love her.

Although it is bittersweet seeing her growing up, I know that she is going to do wonderful, great, majestic things with her life. She has the strength, the intelligence, and compassion to blaze her own trail.


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