Thursday, February 24, 2011

My Night Life

So, I share a bed with what I like to refer to as a 'messy sleeper'. You know the type. They can't just get into bed, fluff the pillow, and go to sleep. When they turn over in their sleep, they flop. They kick covers off, pull them back up, and they somehow end up half off the bed.

When I get into bed (many times before the Husband), I have to put my pillows back on my side of the bed. On the mornings that I arise first, the second I am out of the bed, he grabs my pillows and uses them to prop up his arms and legs, because his four pillows aren't enough. Our bed is never made. The only people that go in my room is the family and the dogs. The dogs can often be found on my bed during the day, further messing it up so there is no point in making it.

Two of my kidlets have inherited messy sleeper syndrome from the Husband. The boy frequently rolls into his blankets like a burrito and sleeps across the bed with his feet hanging off.

I was forced to sleep with the Girl once. Never again. She would sit straight up in her sleep making an 'L' shape, then proceed to fall sideways across me.

Over the years of sharing a bed with the Husband, I have had his arm flop across my face, been punched in the head, and on many occasions had my pillow pulled out from under my head. I even had the cat thrown in my face in the dark as I was getting into bed. (Evidently the cat didn't like being in bed with a messy sleeper either, and he scratched the Husband, causing him to throw the cat out of the bed into my face. The room was dark, and the cat was black. I didn't see him coming until my face was the cat.)

So when one of his many pillows ends up on top of my head in the middle of the night, I take great pleasure in rifling the thing across the room.

Last night was the worst experience by far. He often flops arms and legs across the 'line of death' that runs down the middle of the bed. His hand got caught in my shoulder length hair. He actually ripped out a tuft of hair. A very rude awakening, indeed. I heard the hair popping out of their follicles. My scalp still stings 5 hours later.

What did I get for my injury? A mumbled "sorry" and a snore.

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