Saturday, November 14, 2009

Random Saturday

1. I can't find my 'go to' sweater from last year, or the several pairs of socks I made over the summer. I really need to clean and organize this house.

2. Have you ever tried to keep food in the larder while living with a swarm of locusts? It's damn near impossible. Thank goodness for Sam's Club. When we are out of consumables, there is always the eleventy billion packs of microwave popcorn I picked up on the last trip. The house perpetually smells like a movie theater.

3. It's really fun to hold a little kitten to your ear and listen to her purr.

4. There are dog/cat hair tumbleweeds the size of a full grown Chihuahua blowing about in the front hall. I really need to clean and organize this house.

5. Taking my turn sitting at hospice with Mother (granny-in-law) these last two weeks gives me much time to knit and contemplate in the quiet room. I have been able to observe the different grieving processes of family members. Some openly weep, some deny, others put on a brave face. All forms of expressing one's anguish are sincere, and none of these forms are "wrong". We all deal with death in our own way, and we can not look disdainfully on those that express their emotion differently. I went through this with my own mom years ago, and was a little too close to the situation and self-engrossed to really observe the process in others. It has been my privilege to tend to Mother in her final days and spend a little one on one time with a woman that is strong, feisty, and has a killer sense of humor.

6. I'm almost done with the socks I've been working on while "grannysitting". I'd show you a picture, but I can't find the camera. I've really got to clean and organize this house.

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