Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Things I like about Canada (in no particular order)

1. Good beer (Moose Head, Labatts, Molson)

2. They drink the beer in pubs, not bars. It sounds so much more civilised.

3. Using 's' instead of 'zed' in some words, and throwing in the random 'u'.

4. Great Big Sea

5. Great yarns - Patons, Koigu, Shelridge Farms, Fleece Artist for example

6. Hockey

7. Colder weather, therefore more opportunities to wear wool.

8. Feel the need for a little French fix? Montreal and Quebec

9. They have kilt wearing bagpipers too!

10. Mounties look darn good in the red jacket, campaign hat and boots.

11. Nova Scotia and Newfoundland

12. Back bacon, maple syrup, and poutine (not all together!)

13. Want cowboys and huge mountains? Go west, young man, to Calgary and Banff.

14. Puffins, moose, and elk

15. Rush

16. William Shatner, Dan Aykroyd, and Kiefer Sutherland

17. They sit on a chesterfield drinking Timmies.

Happy Victoria Day to our neighbours in the Great White North! Please, don't get so pissed on the 24 that you yak.

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Anonymous said...

:) just to say I enjoyed your list!

knitter in Southampton, ON