Wednesday, May 20, 2009

In Which I Get Creative, Sort Of

It had occurred to me that, well, I was really stretching of late to come up with something to post. The only way to remedy that was to create something about which to post.

Suddenly, it came to me...I am a knitter! I can take some sharpish, pointy sticks with some yarn, and...wait for it...make something about which to post. (Smacks head, v8 style)

I had finished the Sitcom Chic, which, no offense Bonne Marie, is a rather boring knit until you get to the eyelets, and it quickly becomes boring to talk about. Hence, not much posting other than the "still working on the Sitcom Chic" kind. But this kind of project is perfect for "24" watching. You can pay attention to what's going on with Jack Bauer, and not pay attention to your project at the same time without fear of a horrible tragedy occurring (in your knitting, not on "24"). At the end of the season, Jack has saved the world, again, and you have a lovely little cardigan.

I just really like the Scottish thistle button, that's why.

I also have these going on.

This is the Slipped Stitch Rib pattern from Charlene Schurch's book Sensational Socks using Plymouth Sockotta yarn.

I started these, because I'm not real crazy about that Sockotta yarn up there. The twist of cotton they add to the wool will make them good socks for warmer fall weather, but it doesn't feel real nice while you're working with it. It feels like knitting with twine. So I have these in the same bag as the Sockotta socks, for when I'm sitting for 3 frakken hours at the karate dojo and I get tired of the twine feel. That's not the best lighting there, is it? These are plain Jane stocking stitch with Paton's Kroy that I scored at Michael's for $.99 per ball, baybee! Uhthankyouverymuch. They only had 4, I bought them all. I'm worth it.

I would also like to present to vomit on a stick. Because that's what it looks like.

It may look like vomitus, but it feels like a whisper. It's the Swallowtail Shawl (originally from Interweave Knits Fall 06) using Misti Alpaca 2-ply. You see that lovely model mocking me? She tasks me.

This is my first foray into lace. I did do a pair of socks with yarn overs, but I don't count that as lace. Those were just eyelets, like in Sitcom Chic. I started this thing over four times. I'd get so far, get cocky and make a mistake that I couldn't fix without ripping back. Then I couldn't figure out how many stitches were supposed to be on the needles. I'd look up, see that mocking, all-knowing smirk on the model, and rip the whole thing out. Finally, after the fourth time, I had an aha moment. Life lines!

For those of you that don't know what a life line is, you simply run a different thread or yarn through your stitches on the needles after a pattern repeat or where ever it suits you. You let extra hang out from both ends of the row, being careful not to catch it in the stitches of the next row. If you need to rip back, the ripping will stop at the row with the lifeline. You simply put those stitches back on your needle and off you go. I'm using dental floss, it works really well.

So, ppffftt on you, you smug model.

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