Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Sheldon finally has gams (legs) nearly a year later. I sewed his legs on Sunday evening, and gave him to the Middle Nephew when the whole family was here. Middle Nephew is the turtle afficianado of the group.

I've since finished the body on the blue one I promised for the Girl. I have to make sure I get this one done sooner, because I also promised one to Thing 1, Thing 2, the Boy, Littlest Nephew, and, whether he wants one or not, the Biggest (14 year old) Nephew. That's 6 Sheldon's.

If I work at my usual pace (!), I can give Biggest Nephew one for his college dorm room. I'm sure that will go over big.

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Karen's daughter-Mac said...

Hi and yes that would be a nice idea for the oldest to have for his college dorm room.I would think you should go for the youngest nephew next.(my cousin)