Friday, November 30, 2007


Last evening after dropping The Boy and The Girl off at the karate dojo, I ran to Biggs with Thing 1 and Thing 2 to pick up a few needed things. Thing 1 had been whiney all day due to a toothache, and I was in a not so good mood due to said whineyness and the fact that he wouldn't let the dentist take an x-ray.

But I get ahead of myself. The day before he had been complaining of a toothache, but like any good Mom I looked in his mouth and my Momovision detected nothing wrong. So he was sent off to school. Yesterday, same thing, except this day was different. He was sent to the clinic in tears. So, I went and picked him up, called the dentist (who was swamped with appointments) and begged for a few minutes of time.

The dentist graciously squeezed us in. After Thing 1 has been in the exam room for all of 5 minutes, I'm asked to come back. He fought the dentist about putting the little thingy in his mouth to take the x-ray, and when the dentist finally convinced him to do it, he ripped it out as the x-ray was being taken. We got a nice blank x-ray for our money and wasted time.

So now I have to take him to a pediatric dentist (ca-ching), and they can't fit him in until Monday. So more whining on Thing 1's part, because he was to wait so long(and more whining on my part, because I have to hear his whining for 3 more days).

Fast forward to last evening at the grocery. So, I'm walking up and down the aisles in a bit of a rush with the two Things, and Thing 1 spots the great big bin full of Webkinz. The Things (who are 7) and their older sister are all Webkinz all the time.

Those of you with children know what happened next. We are talking a full-blown, full on frontal assault hissy fit complete with floor flopping! Amazingly enough, Thing 2 was very adult about the whole thing.

The cleaning of the grocery floor by my son with the use of the coat that was on his back occurred several times through out the remainder of the shopping excursion right up to the check out lane. I exhibited great restraint by not grabbing him by the ankles and dragging him up and down the lanes in order to do a complete and thorough job of the floors thereby possibly earning a discount on my groceries due to the gratitude of the dude whose job it is to sweep.

When he realizes that he is getting no where with me, he sulks off to the Webkinz bin to pout(which happened to be near the check out). Along comes an angelic grandmother, who stops to talk to him. She then looks a me and asks if it's o.k. if she buys him one! She notices the twin, and says, "I'll get one for him too, aren't they cute?" Yeah, they're cute, alright.

My initial response is, "Granny, are you on crack?", but luckily my brain filter was working. Instead my response was, "No, Christmas is coming, and they don't need it."

Long story short (too late), she bought them for the Things, because she said it made her happy and she has a grandson of her own. In order to thank her, I asked her what her favorite charity was so I could send a donation. She said it was "Gospel Mission in Jackson County, Kentucky", she likes them because they are all about helping children.

Anyone (of the four of you that read this!) heard of them? I've googled, but with no luck. I guess if I can't find them, I can donate to another "children's charity". Any suggestions?

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