Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Damp Sponge

blog 110

There's the Sponge, drying. I decided to block it first to even out the wonky stitches before weaving in the ends. I read this suggestion somewhere, I think in Maggie Rhigetti's book. I'm not crazy about my tension on the teeth(too tight), but it will make it easier to weave in the ends and get the tension correct if it is blocked first. And no, you can't see the back once I'm done, it's crap.

I'm also going to give it a proper seaming(mattress). Please to ignore the missing red stitches on the curly thing under his mouth. Those can be easily fixed with a duplicate stitch embroidery.

I hope to have it all done by tomorrow. I know that he'll want to show it off to his SpongeBob lovin' cousins at the gatherin'.

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