Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Samurai Cat, er, Hat


One down, three to go.

Honestly, the cat(Wally) never does what you want him to. It was pure serendipity that he sat there while I took the picture. I didn't even try to get him there next to the hat, it was all his idea.

Now that one hat is done, the world(or at least the next 2 hours until the bus arrives to shatter the calm) is full of possibilities. Do I immediately start in on hat number 2? Do I work on the girl's(the daughter) sweater that has been at a standstill since last October? (Subconsciously, I think it's been languishing in the tote bag, because I'm a-bored with it, b-making it a bit bigger because I thought it was too small, but actually it's a bit too big so I'll have to frog it, c-not crazy about the yarn(Lion Brand Homespun - needed something I could throw in the machine - you know kids).) - I'm making up the punctuation as I go along-

Or do I work on the husbands XXL Malabrigo sweater that's been on hold since the weather got hot and who the heck wants an XXL wool sweater sitting in your lap while you work on the sleeve? Should I sew up the seams on the baby kimono for the baby that's not due until February(yeck, seaming)?

What's most tempting me is to start a new project. Something for me. The last thing I knit for myself was a pair of socks in the spring of 05. The entrelac backpack I made in December of 06 doesn't count, the daughter has taken that over.

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brooke t. higgins said...

Hi Karen!
Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. It was nice of you to de-lurk (is that anything like de-lousing? i hope not!) to leave the comment. I love your samurai hat and I can see how painful it might be to know you have to knit more of them. :) Wally's looking pretty good too. Thanks again!