Monday, August 21, 2006

Mush for Brains

The past several days, I've been feeling all sorts of emotions - loneliness(pretty ironic in a house with 5 other people), jealously, despair, silent anger, boredom. O.K. , I've mainly been feeling emotions that most people would rather not feel.

So, I decided that rather than tussle with Puff the Freakin' Fussy Beaded Dragon again, I needed something totally mindless so I could go to my "Zen" place, but not so mindless that I actually did lose my mind. I started this

from this book.

I've obviously made a few changes from the way it's written. The first change was to make it a bit longer and wider. It's for my brother's and sister-in-law's new baby due in February. Prudence would tell me that if I'm going to get a jump start on something it should be gifts for that big holiday in December. You know the one I'm talking about, the one that's only 3 months away! Shut up, already, Prudence.

Anywho, my brother and his wife tend to produce rather large babies so I decided not to make the "newborn" size. I decided this after I decided on the green cheap cotton yarn that I only had two balls of, thus the white stripes to take up the slack. I hope it works, otherwise I'll be doing a bit of ripping to add more stripes, because I'm done with one side(I finished a few minutes after taking the picture), and I've started on the other front side.

I have some really cute green and white ribbon that matches the colors of the yarn perfectly, but I'm going to hold of until they know the sex of the baby(this will be my brother's 5th child, and he's done being surprised) before I decide on the type of fastener to use. They show ribbons as the fastener in the book, but I think that might be a bit girly for a baby boy. If it's boy, I'm going to go on a button hunt.

I've also added eyelets at the neckline on the back to match the eyelets along the edges of the front.

2 more days until the kidlets are back in school, and I'll be more of a frame of mind by then to pick up Puff.

Brainstorm! This can be a Christmas present for the unborn child! I'll knit another for when the child is actually born. Take that, Prudence!

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