Friday, June 23, 2006

What the H was I thinking?!

I'm rethinking this whole blog seems to be more trouble than it's worth (remember, I'm technostoopid).

But enough about that. When I first learned to knit 20+ years ago, my first project was a cotton tank out of this beautiful yarn (don't remember the manufacturer - didn't bother to save the label - young and stupid). Well, I no longer have the tank owing to the fact that I've put on a few pounds. If I'd had the foresight to save it, my daughter could now be wearing it.

My second project was a blue sweater of some tweedy wool (again, didn't save the label) that never really fit correctly. It turned into a tunic, was (at the time) way to bulky, and I never really got the neckband right. There were huge gapping holes where I picked up the stitches. But I saved it because it was so big and I never out grew it. It's not picture worthy, so you get a picture of the drying yarn.

So I'm in the process of ripping it, washing the yarn to get out the kinks, and it's been drying on the kitchen table for 2 days. As I was ripping it, I got to see how much I've improved as a knitter. My finishing techniques really weren't that good. I still don't think I've reached Fantastic Finisher status, but it's something to strive for.

So, I challenge you to rip out that first or second project to see how you've evolved as a knitter/finisher. You may end up being very proud of yourself.

Meanwhile, I'll be fighting the computer Don Quixote style....

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