Wednesday, February 06, 2013

This Never Gets Old

Have you ever had one of those moments when you accomplish or finish something that you are so proud of, that it makes you want to run out in the street and stop every person and point out to them that, yes, you are awesome? But instead you hold your bubbly joy inside?

I had that happen last week. Over a year ago I cast on Gwendolyn by Fiona Ellis. I finally finished it two weeks ago. It takes a little bit to finish a sweater if you put it down for 6 months, because your irrational crazy self has convinced your sane self it's too small, even though you were spot on with the gage. So you spend those months knitting things were size doesn't matter, like scarves and wraps and shawls, for example.

Six months later you decide to pull up your big girl pants and wet block what you have done so far in order to shut up Ms. Crazypants. And here's the best part: when you've finished all the bits of the sweater, you get to seam it!

I love that the super simple mattress stitch can make this

look like this

After you soak and block it, it looks even better! So much better that you will receive compliments from the nurse at the doctor's office and also the doctor (obviously a female, men as a rule don't notice such things) within minutes of each other. Resist the urge to go on and on and on about how awesome you are. The doctor might consider calling in a psychiatrist for a consult.


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