Friday, November 09, 2012

I've done something right!

For those of us that are mothers, you know what it is to constantly worry about whether you are doing the right thing as a parent.  It's normal to sweat the small stuff, like if you allow your child to have that extra piece of candy, are you setting them on the road to years of dental work and Type II diabetes?  Or if you allow your teenage daughter to wander the mall with the other packs of teenage girls, is she going to come home with an extra piercing that is not in her ear?  You know that when your toddler hits another toddler in his playgroup, because he feels that some injustice has been done to him (the other toddler took your child's toy train), you know deep in your heart that you are raising a serial killer.  Just me?

These fears begin to fade when you see your nose buried in the computer teenage son hold open a door for a lady that is not related to him.  Or when you are running errands with your beautiful teen daughter, and she suggests that rather than driving through that burger joint, you go somewhere to get a salad or a turkey sandwich.

I must say that the best moment for me came while walking to the school bus with the 12 year old twin boys.  They suggested that they would like for me to make them mittens since it is getting colder.  Wait, it gets better.

I asked them what kind of mittens they would like, thinking their answer would be striped, or red, or ones that looked like lobster claws.  Instead the answer I received was a very enthusiastic "alpaca"!  I still tear up when I think about it.  So, naturally, I've rewarded them for making their mother very happy that they will not grow up to wear decapitated heads as a hat.

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