Monday, August 15, 2011

Camping in the Great Outdoors

Well, duh, I guess you could camp in the living room. There'd be less bugs, and we wouldn't spend the first night sleeping in wet clothes.

This past July, yea, I'm a little late, the kidlets and I did our yearly trek to Watkins Glen State Park for a week of bugs, rain, dirt, and holy poison ivy those birds are loud at day break! Good times.

A sideways photo of the Boy asleep after a night of pouring rain.*

We met up with friends of mine from college and their respective kids and dogs.

We went for hikes,

we visited wineries (one of which was very hippy-dippy and had this Keith Moon autographed drum),
and we had good food, heard good music, and saw a beautiful sunset all at another winery.

This lovely creature rode home with us. His name is Ringo, and he is a service dog in training. We gave him a lift, because his trainer (my friend that lives in Massachusetts) was in southern Ohio, while we camped with the rest of his family in NY. He was a delight, even if he did leave behind a carpeting of hair in my car.

*Crappy photos taken with cell phone. I forgot the good camera.

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