Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Ten Days

That is how long I have been told by my (obviously) non-knitting doctor to "lay off" the knitting. My daughter was in the room and her reaction was a horse snort followed by a skeptically sounding "yeah". She knows me so well.

It would seem that I am suffering from tendonitis in my left thumb. I hope that is all it is. He did say that if it doesn't feel better after 10 days, to come back and he would send me to the orthopedist.

So until January 20th, these projects will still look like this:

and this:
and this:

Those are one of a pair of mittens for Thing 2 (Thing 1's are already finished, but Thing 2 does have store bought mittens he could wear), the back of the Wishbone sweater for me, and finally, the Harry Potter type "R" sweater that Ron wears for Thing 2.

Rather than look at the next 10 days as a prison sentence, I choose to be positive about it. In the next ten days I could finally get caught up on the laundry, or I could get the house clear of all clutter. I could finish all of those books I've been meaning to read, or, dare I say it, practice my crochet skills. Crocheting doesn't require the use of the left hand except as a means to hold the yarn in ready position. Right?...

Lawdy, help me. I'm going through withdrawal. I sound like a strung out addict. I'll say anything to myself to justify holding yarn in my hand!

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