Friday, July 16, 2010

Lazy Days of Wha'?

Whoever coined the phrase "lazy days of summer" was an idiot, or certainly someone that had no job, home, family or somewhere to be.

Since summer began I have had more laundry than usual. In addition to washing our "regular" stuff you can add swimsuits, beach towels, and sleeping bags that got smelly on our camping trip. I don't even complain when I notice that Thing 1 and Thing 2 have worn the same clothes, usually p.j.'s, for the third day in a row. That means less laundry!

Oh, yeah, the camping trip. I took the kids camping in Watkins Glen, NY. This involved tracking down supplies, purchasing new supplies, and driving 8 hours with the kids (one way) to have a really good time. The weather was perfect (not too hot, low humidity), the company was fantastic, and I didn't blow my top until the morning to pack up and come home. I'd call that a successful trip.

I have also recently acquired a rental property (can you say "slum lord"?). The property I have is not a slum. It's a nice 4 bedroom in a nice part of town. But it had wallpaper in certain rooms that had been there since the 70's. It also had a base layer of wallpaper that had been there since the early 60's. I know this because the house was built in 1963, and there was nothing under that layer except plaster.

So I spent much time getting the house ready to rent. Consequently, my house is in ruins, the laundry has grown exponentially, and I can't see my garden any more for all the weeds. I know I have tomato plants out there somewhere.

I have been knitting. Slowly. By the time I sit down in the evenings, usually about 9pm, I'm too tired to even lift the remote. So I end up watching whatever channel the kids had on. I could probably give you a synopsis of all of the "iCarly" episodes, and Spongebob isn't so bad if you are really exhausted.

I keep telling myself that once the kidlets are back in school, things will slow down. At least I'll have less laundry.

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