Saturday, February 20, 2010

What Goes Around

I am a believer in the natural goodness of people, karma, the golden rule, call it what you will. Last evening, my belief was proven to my sometimes cynical husband.

While eating dinner out with the family at a local pizza joint, an elderly woman collapsed in the lobby on her way out of the restaurant. Where we were seated, I had a clear view of the lobby, and saw the lady go down. Several people rushed to her aid, but I noticed that nearly all were just standing, staring and doing nothing. So I assumed she was just slow to get up, until I heard "911" said by someone. So I smacked the Husband on the arm, and said, "Get over there."

I knew that he would be more of a help than those that were just doing nothing but staring. Being a former paramedic and currently a police officer, he is trained in these types of situations. Evidently, the crowd of looky-loo's realized that he knew what to do, because when he pulled out his ever present mini flashlight to check her pupil's dilation, the crowd meandered back to their pizza. I like to joke with the Husband that he is a bit squirrely because he never leaves the house without certain items. He claims that you never know when you might need a flashlight, or knife. I call it "geeky", he calls it "prepared". Although, come to think of it, I hardly ever leave the house without my small knitting bag, because you never know when a knit fight might break out.

Once the paramedics arrived and took the lady to the hospital, the Husband returned to his now cold hoagie from which he had only taken one bite before I made him spring into action. Here's the good karma part, the manager came over to thank him for taking charge, and said that she would take 50% off our bill and she made him a new hoagie since his other one had gone cold. It was an unexpected, but welcome gesture. I think she may even have called him a hero. The Husband insists that he is not a hero, but that is just typical of any man or woman in uniform. If you call them a hero, they will tell you that they are just doing their job. Regardless, hearing the Husband called a hero made the kidlets beam with pride.

They know what he does for a living, but they have never seen him "in action". They only get to see him when he drags his tired self in the door after a long shift. In spite of that poor woman's state (I sincerely hope that she is o.k.), last evening was rather uplifting. My children got to see that there are good people in this world, and that when someone needs help, you should come to their aid without expectation of reward. But sometimes, you may receive a reward, like a warm hoagie.

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