Friday, August 07, 2009

So Where Was I?

Oh, yeah. Sorry, I got distracted for a moment. The Boy (who is 13) just asked a rhetorical (I hope) question. "Am I the only one in this family that uses his brain?" For once, I got to do the eye roll thing.

I finished the two pairs of socks that I had been working on since the spring, started the Pomatomus sock using Lorna's Laces in the old rose color, and have advanced to the nupps on the Swallowtail shawl.

Which brings me to nupps. I hates them, I does. Don't get me wrong, they are very pretty. I just don't like making them. If you don't know what a nupp is, the easiest way for me to describe it is that it is a little blob of yarn in your knitting sort of like a flat bobble. So I replaced the nupps with beads. I'm not sure I'm loving the beads, either.

I'd show you pictures, and ask for opinions, but the one camera has a rechargeable battery (which is dead), and I can't find the charger. The other camera uses AA batteries, and we are out. We have a herd of C, D, 9volt and AAA. The AA's have evidently been sent to the slaughterhouse.

I have a serious case of the summer blahs. I'm dealing with some stuff that is very disheartening that I'd rather not talk about in a public place, and I wish it would just go away.

But I've told myself things will get better in a mere 18 days. The kidlets will be back in school.

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