Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Distracted, but Productive

We are on day 2 of the "biggest winter storm of the season". At least that is what the local weather people are calling it. Well, duh. I guess they are having a hard time coming up with superlatives.

It's really rather pretty. We had a bunch of snow yesterday, over night everything received a protective coating of ice, and now, I can barely see my neighbor's house for the Buick-sized snow flakes that are coming down like a hard rain. I'm glad I have no where to go.

I took some pictures before the kidlets were awake, and before they had the yearning to do what kids do. That is go outside and turn the pretty into not so pretty. You know what they are going to do to those icicles. Please ignore the Christmas tree stand in the bottom right corner that is still attached to the tree. I'll get to it, soonish.

Now, the productive part. I started this Monday evening, and finished yesterday. It's Calorimetry using Manos del Uruguay in the Wildflower colorway. I only cast on 98 stitches (the pattern calls for 110) and repeated row 5 twelve times instead of 15. I have a smallish head.

This is a fun and easy pattern. It's a good introduction of short rows if you've never worked them before. I have enough of my yarn left over that I could probably eke out another one. The Girl has expressed interest in it. I can't have nuthin'.

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