Saturday, October 14, 2006

I'm Disconnected

I'm having one of those disconnected days. You know what they are like. Your usual Saturday morning routine is disrupted because you went to an elegant wedding last night that children were not wanted for fear of disrupting the ceremony(don't get me started), except for the screaming baby that was the nephew of the bride's(while everyone else was shooting the mother nasty looks - you were smiling and thinking that if you were close to the baby, you'd pinch it and make it scream louder because after all weddings are family affairs and you made sure to invite children to your wedding);and you dutifully found an aunt willing to keep your four kidlets overnight, so you don't have them waking you at daybreak playing the PS2 that's in the room directly under your bedroom. And you just don't know what to do with yourself...

You also feel disconnected, because you're using the Husband's work laptop, because your desktop computer, which could probably be sold under the "antique" heading on eBay, for some reason known only to itself keeps shutting down because you've performed some illegal operation(so arrest me!).

Disconnect Item number 1: I'd like to download pictures of the other 3 samurai hats that I'm working on just to give you something to look at, but I know that the computer police will give me another citation while in the middle of downloading. So, you'll have to settle on the telling of the really boring story. I decided to work the rest of the hats in bits rather than work one hat to completion before working the next hat to completion. This way I can do all of the fiddly dragons in one fell swoop without the dread of knowing that I still have more dragons to do. I'm at a standstill on the hats right now because I ran out of yarn and I'm waiting for the package from Knitpicks to arrive.

Disconnect Item number 2: I received a phone call from a high school friend that I had not talked to in years. She said that she was helping out our class president by calling old friends to let them know about a "get together" for our class at a football game at our alma mater. She said she was getting ready to call some of our gang, so I suggested that she collect email addresses while she had them on the phone. Deb then told me that she was very low tech at her house. She doesn't have internet or a cell phone, in fact she said, "I'm so low tech that I knit!"

After several "no ways" from each of us, it turns out that she learned to knit about 10 years ago while living in Minnesota. Her exact words were, "Everyone there knits." How fun is that to reconnect with an old friend that happens to knit also?!

I'll connect with y'all later.

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michelle said...

Just wanted tio make connections with people in Cincinnati. Am moving there promptly. I think they don't like kids to come to weddings because it is a mood killer for the BIG NIGHT. Although Dr. Sears says wear em in a sling and go about your day, mood killer or no.